Monday, February 22, 2016

Microblog Mondays: Gratitude

Our dear Mel over at Stirrup Queens has begun a blog phenomenon... as she frequently does. 

Microblog Mondays. Writing in your own space. Something short and sweet. But it's meant to take back our bloggy space and call it our own. I am going to try to do this periodically. Life's hectic. So we'll see how long this lasts.

Last Monday, I was blissfully unaware. Going about my business. I had a busy day at work, followed by a meal with two girlfriends, and then the girls and I went to a coffee night (aka support group) for those who have had weight loss surgery. I was finishing up some major projects at work in preparation for a Sunday morning flight to Punta Cana. It would be our first trip to the Dominican Republic. We were going to an all-inclusive, courtesy of my loving Mom and Dad. There, we would meet up with them, and my sister and her family too. Eight of us for one glorious week in the sun, sand, and enjoying the relaxation of a vacation together. After the -40 windchill temps we'd had, and the snowstorm we were about to have (that arrived the following day!), well, by the end of February, many Canadians start seeking sunshine elsewhere, even if only for a week. 

Like I said though, I was blissfully unaware... 

While I was at the coffee night, I pulled out my phone. I'd forgotten to take it of silent mode, and I saw that my mom, my sister, and my husband were frantically trying to reach me. Uh oh. That doesn't bode well. I texted my husband, who immediately replied, "Your sister is trying to get in touch with you. Your Mom called and left a message too." 

I texted my sister. Her response? "Call me. Now." Oh crap. 

When I did, she told me the news; my mom had a heart attack overnight on Sunday and was in the hospital. Oh no... 

What followed was a week of wondering, fear, tense moments, anxiety, stress, and a whole lot more, for all of us. Obviously the trip to Punta Cana was off. So we are now in the process of filing claims (we all had cancellation insurance) and all that. Next up, arranging who was flying home. My sis offered to go first; she hadn't seen Mom in awhile. She managed to get there three days later, on the day a cardiac catheter test was done, and stents inserted to deal with blockages. 

Petite and I fly down in two days. We will stay for at least 10 days, after which Hubby replaces me and stays for a week with Petite, and when they come back, one of my aunts (mom's youngest sister) will go for a couple of weeks. 

I was afraid, for the first real time in my life, of losing my mom. I know the inevitable will happen. That is the way it will go. I will get a phone call from home and I will have to be on a flight ASAP, desperately trying to function through blurry-eyed tears. My mom is my best friend. I hate being so far away from Mom and Dad. But I cannot find good work at home and thus, I stay where I am. It's a helluva position to be in. I just don't like it. 

But there's not a damn thing I can do. 

Mom is back home. My sis is still there. I see them in two days. I am looking forward to that. And honestly, I am thanking my lucky stars that this didn't happen while we were in the Dominican. THAT would not have been fun for anyone. 

Today, I am grateful. A holiday can be taken later. For now, I cherish my mom and I am glad that I can continue to do so. Oh so grateful for so very much... 


Lollipop Goldstein said...

Oh hon, I am so sorry about your mum. I hope it's a quick recovery and a full recovery without any lingering problems afterward. Safe travels as you go to her.

Middle Girl said...

So scary. I'm glad you're going to be able to see your mom and what Mel said, that recovery is quick and full.


Mali said...

I'm glad that your Mom is home now, and I too hope that she recovers quickly. As my mother's health failed over the last few years, I've felt the distance between us acutely, and have tried to visit as often as I could.

I'm so glad you get to spend time with your Mom now, and I'm glad to you're able to cherish the time with her. Sometimes, we need a reminder (however cruel) to do that.

loribeth said...

Oh Gil, just seeing this now. Hope you are with your mom now & that she is doing well & on the mend. It's so hard being so far away from home at times like this, isn't it?? :(

Unknown said...

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