Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I've been busier than busy! No really!

God love you sweet ladies (and men!) for checking on me now and then. Sometimes I just want to slink away, hide away, and put the covers over my head, forgetting the craziness of the IF world. But you never really forget do you? You never really go back to how you were in the pre-IF days? All innocent and hopeful?

I've been a bad blogger, once again, in my extended absence from here and in keeping you all updated. No news to report really. AF is on the horizon yet again; today's CD24 so I expect another two or three days and the wench will make her appearance.

I'm a much more sane person though without all those drugs in my system and both hubby and I are happy about that. I often wonder, if we do decide to go through with the IVF, whether I'll really be able to handle all those drugs and monitoring again. It's really taken its toll folks. I just don't know if I have it in me to be honest.

We're still looking at it I guess. I have a last little bit of bloodwork to do and then we send off the papers to Montreal. And then... it's anybody's guess. It might be a few months before we even get a call from them.

In the meantime the update.
- Yes, I continue to go to the gym. So far so good. I feel better about myself at least.
- Yes, hubby and I are still doing our date nights, once a week. (In fact, yesterday we went out for dinner together for the first time in two months!)
- No, there is no way to do further testing on hubby's sperm unless he has surgery. And that will be for the TESE (with donor sperm as a backup).
- Yes, I DID try to contact all the candidates in my riding for next week's election with a question regarding their party's platforms regarding IF and costs. Alas, not one response from any of them. Good to know they listen to their constituents huh Aurelia?
- Yes, I continue to game and lose myself now and then in EQ2.
- No, I still haven't gone home to visit my folks. But Mom is definitely on the mend; her follow up with the surgeon was very positive.
- Yes, I'm still the manager of our team and it looks like I'm in that position until at least April 2008. Yikes!

And this weekend is Thanksgiving in Canada. It stands to reason that our harvest would be earlier than yours in the States and thus, we celebrate it earlier. So Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I will be cooking a full turkey dinner for... two. I just wish it were for more.