Monday, October 05, 2015

Radio Interview

This is a link to a radio interview I did on Friday morning (live and on the air!) with some lovely folks from Radio-Canada (the French equivalent of CBC) in Toronto.

Advance to the 8:15 mark or thereabouts.

And I hope you speak French!!

We're so thrilled about IVF being covered in Ontario! Ah... if only I were a couple of years younger, we'd go for #2!!

Y a pas deux matins pareils

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Coverage for Ontario Families! YAHOO!!!!

It FINALLY happened.

The Government of Ontario stepped up and did an incredible thing today.

As of December 1, 2015, they will cover one IVF cycle as outlined in the news release that was put out today. The coverage has been ramping up all week and today, Ontario patients finally found out the details of the proposed program.

Improving Access to Fertility Treatments for Ontario Families

There are other questions that are being asked, of course, and in due time, they too shall be answered. Such as whether ICSI is covered. What about PGD? What about egg donors? Or TESA? It's a lot to look at, but honestly, today the Ontario government has given Ontarians HOPE. So much hope that it's overwhelming.

When the news broke on social media earlier today, I was completely overwhelmed. The tears ran down my face.

For years, I have blogged, advocated, talked, walked, liaised, done everything I possibly could to encourage Ontario, Canada even, to raise this health care issue and to recognize it and provide medical coverage for it. And today, I have seen that dream come true.

While it's too late for me (women must be under the age of 43 at time of treatment, and I'm an 'elderly' 45 now), it's not too late for many women coming behind me.

I'm glad to see Ontario doing the right thing. I witnessed today with hope, joy and a sense of relief. We're not quite done yet, as the finessing of the program is yet to come, but it's so uplifting to know we're on the right track.