Thursday, September 28, 2006

Two days? TWO days??!! WTH?

Today is CD4 for me. But this month, I only had two days of what I would normally call AF. Huh? What's up with that? Usually I have four to five days LIKE CLOCKWORK. So two days?! I'm rather perplexed, to say the least. I'm not sure what to do with that. I'm not sure if something is wrong. I'm not sure if anything is right. I'm not sure about much obviously.

Set that aside a moment. All right, next topic: exercise. I am overweight. (Right, right, so is half of North America apparently.) I do have a gym membership to a gym that I love. Or, "loved" I suppose. I just haven't been motivated at all to actually get off my ass and GO there. Fat lot of good that card does me sitting in my gym bag in the trunk of my car. Yeah, so the sneakers will walk themselves over and do the workout for me. I wish. *eyeroll*

Anyway, I heard from a friend yesterday who is undergoing fertility treatments herself. She told me that she has lost 43 pounds. FORTY-THREE. Wow. Superb! Fantastic! I'm so happy for her. And jealous, I'll admit. I wish that was me. I wish I had that motivation right now. I joked that she needed to motivate me.

And lo and behold, she did. For the first time in absolutely months, I decided that instead of a nap yesterday afternoon (I get up at 5 a.m. EST for work at 7 and I finish around 3 p.m.), I was going to the gym. I pulled on those sneakers and I went. I did about 35 minutes on the treadmill and looked around to get my bearings. (The membership I have is for a chain here in Canada, and with that membership card I can go to any location in the country. The location I went to yesterday is new and is closer to home, so I wanted to scout it out a bit.)

I felt SO good for having done that. I burned about 350 calories apparently, or something like that. I was energized again. I felt human for the first time in ages. I felt good.

And then, as I gathered my things to walk out, in comes a woman *sighs*(you know what's coming don't you)...

... with a bump. A pregnancy bump. I'd judge her to be about 4 or 5 months along.

And it was all I could do not to break down again.

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