Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Urology Appointment

Yesterday hubby and I had an appointment at a local hospital with a renowned urologist. Long story short: I am glad I didn't have my hopes up for the "further surgery for hubby" route.

Because of the short vas that hubby seems to have, and the difficulty in performing the first vasovasotomy, there is no point in doing another, or attempting to reattach the vas to the epididymis itself. It would make his testicles rise higher in the groin and generally be very uncomfortable for him all the time. That isn't worth it.

We inquired about a semen analysis, using the semen we're able to obtain through the extractions with the syringe that we've been doing all along (to use for IUIs). He indicated that the sample would likely be far too small to work with and that our fertility specialist would better be able to speak to the quality and motility of the sperm given that he checks it through the microscope just after extraction.

All this to say, no surgery will help hubby at this point. There is nothing that a urologist could do. So... that option is ruled out.

We're coming down to the short list folks. On Friday (my stepdaughter's 12th birthday), we have a consultation booked with the fertility specialist. I expect to learn the results of my bloodwork, maybe to get another prescription for Clomid for next month, and... to discuss the donor option.

My emotions and my psyche are battered and bruised with all of this. If I weren't going on 37 years old, I'd take a break for a few months to just try to be "me" again, because I've kinda lost sight of that. But with my "advanced" age, time is of the essence. Time is something we just don't have much of anymore.


Marc441 said...

Hey there, still here and still care. Usually I just don't know what to say.

With regards to a question you asked a while back. If you did go to donor sperm I would think (and hope) that everyone including your hubby would treat the child as if it were both yours biologically. At least that's how I would feel and I think that's how others would feel.

djl_ottawa said...

I can say that yes, I would treat it as my own. Having gone through all this with Gil and when she gets pregnant even with donor sperm, we have gone through to much for me to not have any attachment to this child. I know I already have two kids from a previous failed (thank god for that) marriage, but this will still be our child. Even if we had done the adoption option, it would work out the same. This child would not be of my blood, but will be of Gil's, but I would still treat them as one of my own. In this I have no fear.

Gil said...

I know in my heart (somewhere in there) that the child would be treated as if it were, biologically, both of ours, regardless of whether we go the donor route. And I am fairly certain that I can say that on behalf of not only me, but my family back at home, my friends, co-workers, etc. I think there's just a little tiny corner of my mind that contemplates what hubby's ex would do, what seeds she would plant, just to be vindictive, because hubby and I both know she can be.

And with you and your sweet wife living SO close by, we have BABYSITTERS already! *dances*

Thanks for the words of encouragement marc441. Love to you and your whole family. Always.