Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fan Faire Goodness!

Yes yes, I am a consumate gamer. *hangs head in shame and grins wickedly* I adore the virtual world I get to play in when I'm not busy in real life. It's fun, it's interesting, and I've made and met some great people that way.

So when the opportunity arose last year to attend Fan Faire, hubby and I jumped at the chance. This year, we're already planning for it.

The polls are up. For the next two weeks, the SOE gaming community gets to vote on the location and the dates for this year's Fan Faire event.

1. Orlando, June 19-22
2. Orlando, June 26-29
3. San Diego, June 26-29
4. Las Vegas, September 4-7

We did Vegas last year. And I have to tell you, I <3<3<3<3<3 that city! It's sweet. I really want to go back and finish seeing it all though. We scheduled on the spur of the moment last year so we didn't have time to work everything in. Hubby and I do want to go back there. But September 4-7? Not good dates for much of the gaming community. Think about it... right after Labour Day. School? For both students and teachers or those who have children, it's not a good time of the year. Not at all. I hope for their sakes, that Vegas is not the chosen date/location combo that is selected.

San Diego is WAY over on the other side of the continent of course. I've never been to California and I'd really love to go. I have a really good in-game friend from out there... who came to Vegas with his wife last year with us. The four of us had a grand time. It's awfully expensive to fly though. But it would be a lovely travel opportunity. The date isn't bad; it does come awfully close to the Canada Day (July 1) holiday though. Meh. But then again, the choice of San Diego doesn't surprise me at all; that is where SOE HQ is located. Maybe we'd get a tour?! *hopes*

Orlando? I love Orlando. I have been there dozens of times, and I enjoy the city. I know it well. And well... *scuffs a toe* I gotta see me the Mouse's House while we're there. I'm such a big kid at heart you know! Again though, I'm not too keen on the June 26-29 date because of the proximity to the July 1 holiday. I'd prefer the earlier date of June 19-22 personally. And hubby and I could save money and drive down to Orlando too. That would be fun. I'd enjoy doing that.

There are some problems with the way the poll is set up (i.e., splitting out a single location into two different dates) and the fact that during all these times, humidity will certainly be a factor (dear God man, can we not consider May as an option!?) but wherever Fan Faire is held, hubby and I are setting our sights on being there and having a glorious time! Woo hoo!!! *dances*

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