Tuesday, March 18, 2008

An Evening at the Theatre

Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day (or St. Paddy's if you prefer) to you all! *raises a glass of green ale* I do hope you celebrated in fine style.

Last night, my husband and I attended the Paul Potts concert; and for heaven's sake, if you haven't heard him yet, PLEASE go listen. Every time I hear him sing "Nessun Dorma" I cry. It's one of the most moving pieces of music I've ever heard. Very rare are the pieces that literally move me to tears, but Paul has certainly nailed one or two of them. Anyway, in peeking at Paul's Wikipedia page yesterday, I learned that what began as a six-month sabbatical from his job as a Carphone Warehouse employee to go on tour, has become a full-time career; apparently, as of March 5, he e-mailed them his resignation. And rightly so. Anyone who can sing like this gentleman can needs to be sharing his talent with the most appreciative audiences, who are all going to clamour to see him. I know that if he were performing again tonight, my husband and I would be there. It's nothing short of spectacular. His story is heartwarming. It's easy to see that he's just a regular "Joe" and not yet comfortable on stage. However, as soon as he begins to sing, the insecurities slip away and is replaced by the self-confidence that is hiding inside him.

I often wonder if many of us feel like that. Basically, insecure individuals trying to find our footing in this world, wondering if we are doing the right things, and attempting not to slip up too badly while anyone's looking. But that somewhere, deep down, we all have some hidden skill. A talent that empowers us. Some aspect of our soul that permits us, when we indulge in it, to shine through and gives us the confidence to rise above. Something to think about.

Now, while hubby and I were listening to Paul's story and his most incredible voice, good news was happening in the blogging world! Welcome baby Owen to the world! Serenity had her little boy last night and I couldn't be happier for her! Go over there and pass on your good wishes. Love to you all in blogland.

Oh, for Only Half Nuts: I'm sure that if your son did venture north of the 49th parallel, he is safe and sound and I hope you're feeling better about his jaunt to visit us Canucks!

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OHN said...

Thanks Gil....He made it there fine and is having a may have a new Canadian resident