Sunday, August 24, 2008

Pics to Tide You Over

Seeing as I am lolling on the couch today with the aches and cramps that accompany the (four-day early!) arrival of AF, I figured I'd post a pic or two from our trip to Vegas. Enjoy the stroll through our vacation.

Our hotel, The Luxor. We stayed on the 19th floor of the pyramid with my best friend (MH) and his wife (KC), in what's known as a spa/jacuzzi room.

Currently appearing at The Luxor are Criss Angel (you can see the banner on the front of the hotel) and the comedian Carrot Top. They're renovating inside thought to create a Titanic Exhibition and a Bodies Exhibition.

We went to the bar at the Hilton Hotel one evening. Quark's Bar is one of the Star Trek themed parts of the hotel. As of September 1 though, the Hilton will be closing it's 10-year old exhibition of Star Trek, The Experience. Many a fan is disappointed with the closure I'm sure. Anyway, here is me and KC enjoying a (mini) Warp Core Breach, complete with dry ice! YUM!

One night, we went to the Stratosphere Restaurant on the 108th floor. This is a revolving restaurant that gave us a spectacular view of Vegas at night. Simply amazing. The food is French cuisine though, so be prepared for that if you go!

Another evening, we headed via monorail to New York, New York hotel to take in Cirque du soleil's Zumanity. Very sensual and sexual; I thoroughly enjoyed the show.

We stopped by Caesar's Palace to have a look around as well.

I even got a pic of KC pointing out the "goods" on the gods! RAWR!

We went to the Excalibur Hotel and Casino to see The Tournament of Kings! It's a tradition for MH and KC to see the show when they go to Vegas. Last year, they brought us with them. This year, we made sure we went again! The Excalibur was located right next to our hotel, so it was easy to get there using the overhead walkways and indoor connection routes that are so well planned! Good thing too, the heat was excruciating!

We took one day and drove down to tour the Hoover Dam and the Lake Mead region of Nevada. It was really hot that day; up on the observation deck, it registered 46 degrees Celsius (115 F) and we were told not to touch the guard railing as it could burn bare skin. Being somewhat afraid of heights, I opted not to go close anyway! But here's hubby enjoying the sights.

We stopped by the Bellagio Hotel and Casino too. This pic is the glass art that decorates the ceiling in the reception area of the hotel. So beautiful to see. Inside the Bellagio are the high-end stores such as Prada and Hermes. Yes Gil, you too can own a Prada wallet for a mere $450! I did indulge a moment though. I stopped at Tiffany's Jewelers where I admired an emerald and diamond ring. I even asked to see it. I tried it on too. Only $26,000 and it could have been mine! Ah... dreaming is lovely isn't it?

I won't bore you with pics of the gaming friends I met. Or of the presentations I attended; if you play EQ2 then you might be interested but if not, not so much. However, here's a really good picture of MH and his wife KC. Don't they make a cute couple?!

And of course, a pic of hubby and me at the Saturday night banquet. We had a grand time at Fan Faire and depending on where it is next year, we may go again.

Bye Vegas! 'Til next time!


Angie said...

Oh, what a BLAST! I have the same pic from Caesar's. ;-)

Pam said...

You looked like you had a great time! V and I have been talking of going later in the year. You broke his dream though with the news about Star Trek The Experience. ;) He made it to Vegas a couple of years ago but didn't get the chance to go then. He's very upset. :)

Anonymous said...

Gil, you're gorgeous!!!! Looks like you had a terrific time -- glad to see the pics!!

Sorry about the beeyotch showing up...and early yet, too!! Sheesh!!