Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Follie Report from the Trenches

This morning's results from the local RE: A-OK.
For once. *exhales*

The uterine lining is measuring right on track, triple layer and all. And my local RE can see at least nine follies, all measuring between 9.5 and 10.6 mm in size. He was pleased to see that all the follicles were growing at approximately the same rate and honestly, so was I.

I was terrified as I lay on that table, expecting him to find another cyst. Or a follie that wouldn't grow. Or all the follies that wouldn't grow. Or signs of OHSS. Or... any one of a number of things. I am sure I was shaking as he examined me. Only after he said that things look good did I finally breathe.

So we're still on track. Those results will be faxed to MTL this morning and if there are any changes in my meds, I will hear from the RE there later today. Still keeping my fingers crossed for no more hiccups!

I was talking to my RE about the cyst aspiration and he was glad they could do that for me. He asked about the stims, retrieval date, and number of embryos that MTL hopes to transfer. I told him that given my history and my age, they expect 3-4. He told me that the MTL clinic just recently had great successes; one in particular was a woman who is 44 years old, who got lucky with twins after a transfer of 5 embryos. With luck, I'll get there before I'm 44, though I know many of us on this path pursue treatment long after that age these days. For us, we saw the first urologist for hubby's reversal in 2003 when I was 33 years old (a year and a half before our marriage); I'm now 38. I can only go for so long, yanno?

Anyway, we go to MTL on Friday, then possibly on Saturday again (depending on Friday's scan) and retrieval is scheduled for Monday, December 1. Do you realize that is in less than ONE WEEK? I'm not there yet, but I'm slowly approaching that milestone; another first in this journey. And hopefully, it will yield results this time.

On another note, I went to my SIL's baby shower on Sunday past. It was a relatively small affair and I wanted to go to show support for her. She is due on December 26. I didn't mind the shower much in and of itself. But two things did make the afternoon hard.

Firstly, all the beautiful gifts, baby clothes, toys, everything, was passed around for all the guest to see. I can't bring myself to fawn over those things just yet. It makes my heart ache a little too much. I couldn't even go buy an ITEM for her for the shower; I had to resort to a gift card. But as I explained to her, I couldn't possibly know everything that she had or what she still needed. And better than that, they're about to move into a new house (next weekend) so they may realize when they get there that they need something for the baby's room (e.g., curtains?) that I wouldn't possibly be able to get for them without their input. Anyway, the gift card will go a long way.

Secondly, there was going to be a game that necessitated teams. And as it so happened, the numbers worked out so that the "mothers" were going to be pitted against the "non-mothers"... in a challenge about how much each team knows about babies. I sighed. Luckily, the afternoon seemed to get away from us and we never played the game. I was never so glad to get out of a game in my life. I guarantee.

My thoughts are with Journey as she just got a BFP although she and her husband, E, are cautiously optimistic. You see, they have seen a BFP before but Journey had an early miscarriage. So we're crossing fingers that this time is the right time for them.


Aurelia said...

The mothers against the non-mothers?

Oh lord, I'm so glad they forgot that game.

Anyway, excellent idea about the gift card. It's true, there will be things they haven't thought of and they'll need it.

About the follies? Wonderful! I'm very happy for you!

Blogger Mom... said...

That game sounds horrible, I'm so glad it wasn't played. Baby showers are tough I know, I'm glad you got through it with a gift card and a good wish. :-) I wish you the best of luck. I found your blog through cycle sistas, I'm in my 2ww now.

Patti said...

Ugh. Games at baby showers are NOT my thing. Especially ones like that.

Glad to hear your follies are doing so well. Have our fingers crossed for you, Gil!

Denis said...

Hi Gil,

I read the comment you left in a blog on January 24th 2007 about recovering some of the cost for your husbands reversal. I am from Ottawa as well and was flatly refused by my insurance. Could you tell me how you went about it?

Gil said...

For Denis: It was a long time ago when we submitted these forms. Basically we had the receipts for all that we had paid, and submitted to S*nLIf3 insurance to be reimbursed. At the time, reversals were covered in Quebec so we were told by our specialists that because one province covered the surgery, that the others had to reimburse. Otherwise there would be a discrepancy in available coverage for Canadians. I'd have to go back and look at my documentation from that time, but I know we submitted an estimate to the insurance company prior to the surgery too and then they got back to us explaining what would and would not be covered. For example, I think we had to pay the anaesthetist's costs without reimbursement. If I can remember more or if I find the paperwork, I'll post more. And feel free to e-mail me at Jiliana 2 @ gmail . com. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wow, are getting so close!
sending love,