Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Week Down

I’m so sorry I’ve been an absent blogger; my apologies to all! I did take my doctor’s advice and take a few days off last week (as opposed to the three weeks that he recommended!). It helped me catch up on my sleep, that’s for sure and heavens knows, I needed that. I have barely slept a full night since my 5th or 6th week! And with commuting between 5 and 6 hours per day, it’s just been really rough at the moment. We’re doing a bunch of cooking on the weekends so we don’t have to tackle it when we finally arrive home on weekday evenings; both of us are just too tired!

Other than that, I have a few appointments coming up. Next Wednesday, I have another appointment with the local RE. It may be my last appointment with him because I’ll be just over 11 weeks at that point. Colour me scared. I never expected to EVER be handed off to an OB/GYN for the ‘remainder’ of my pregnancy. Seriously. Those are words that frighten me to death.

On Thursday though, I have that first appointment with the OB/GYN. This is Doctor Handsomebrit who did my laparoscopy a few years ago to remove the persistent ovarian cyst, who indicated at that time that he would be "pleased to follow me through any subsequent pregnancy that might occur." He just may get that chance! Given that I have already done so much of the preparatory work (bloodwork, testing, etc.) during the course of the IVF, I’m not entirely sure what to expect from this appointment. So I’ll see how it goes.

Then on Friday, I have the first of two tests that comprise the Integrated Prenatal Screening (IPS) that is offered to women between 11 and 15 weeks. The first part (bloodwork + ultrasound) is done between 11 and 13 weeks and the second part is done at approximately 15 weeks. This screening tests for Down’s Syndrome, trisomy 18 and open tube neural defects.

The other thing I’m trying to figure out right now is timelines. My brother-in-law graduates from nursing school down in the USA on May 9. The plan is to have my Mom fly out to meet my sis for a conference in California at the end of April and shortly thereafter in early May, Dad will fly up to visit us for a little bit. Then, he, hubby and I will leave to drive to the States around May 6 to attend the graduation and have about a week or 10 days’ vacation.

However, somewhere in there, I had hoped to go home to Newfoundland for a few days. Yet, after we get back from the States, I will likely be too far along (26, 27 wks) to fly home. Or will I? At what point in your pregnancy are you not permitted to fly? Anyone know? Third trimester? The last month? After 30 wks? What do you know? Depending on what my doctor says, I’m figuring I may need to get home sometime in April, but that seems super early for a *gulp* shower! I might not do it at all, out of nothing but sheer fear of letting “Hope” in.

I have tried my best not to let too much Hope in but as the weeks go by, it’s harder and harder. I still haven’t bought a thing for Petit, though I confess I have looked a little, but I don’t expect to make any purchases for awhile yet. Though so many baby specials are happening at the stores right now! It’s hard NOT to look, you know? By not purchasing anything right now, I’m going to have to spend more later. Ugh. What a predicament. Last week, I spent some time with my friend T who had a baby girl in August and she advised me to get a jump on all those sales (all while making sure items can be returned of course). I’m so terrified of doing it though. Yeah, I’ve looked at and fantasized over cribs, layettes, travel systems, all those lovely items. But I just can’t bear to do it. Not yet. Not just yet.


OHN said...

I know how hard it is to start buying. I couldn't get a baby room ready till we got the call that the baby was ours (our oldest is adopted). It was actually more fun picking things out after knowing his personality a bit.

As for the only advice is to make sure you get travel insurance with your tickets. We had planned a vacation when I was pregnant with S2 and the week before we were to leave, I was put on bed-rest for the remainder of the pregnancy. So, just be on the safe side :)

Vee said...

Glad you managed to get some rest Gil. I think I need a week off too.
I haven't bought anything either it's way to scary and early, but window shoppping has been fun.

Aurelia said...

Well, you may end up as high risk, so I'd think about flying early, and then you could just leave any gifts at your moms and she can ship them later by bus or train, right?

As for the IPS, having been through it a bunch of times, post your numbers when you get them or email me direct and I'll send you some articles, etc to compare. Yes, altogether they talk about risk for chromosomal defects, but they also indicate things like placental health and the babies direct risk of birth defects that are not chromosomal.

So they can be really really reassuring on other fronts as well if you know what you are looking at.

Take care and rest up. Damn transit strike....

Patti said...

Glad to hear things are going well, Gil. I think of you often and keep my fingers crossed for you.

I flew to Newfoundland (Gander) when I was just about 26 weeks (I think) pregnant. At the time, I did get a letter from my midwives saying that I was safe to fly, and I found out that Air Canada (and in fact most airlines) will not let you fly after 32 weeks.

Flying at 26 weeks was uncomfortable to say the least, but we did it and all was well. The trick is to drink LOTS and LOTS of water and get up at least once an hour. Considering the water was making me pee so much, getting up wasn't a problem. ;)

Keep us up to date!

Thalia said...

Varies by airline. 32 weeks for some, 36 for others. My doc says really the danger point is travelling at about 25 weeks, when the baby could survive with the right care, but you may not be close enough to get the care. I'm still travellign around then because i have to for work, but that's just me taking that risk. I took my last trip at about 31 weeks last time, with a doctors's note, although no one asked to see it. I'd say do what feels comfortable for you .

decemberbaby said...

OMG, Gil, I haven't popped in in ages... this is all very very exciting stuff!

I bought nothing until I hit week 34... and even then, I only bought the bare necessities to get me through the first few days until the gifts started pouring in. I gotta say, once you get some baby stuff in the house (especially those little doll-sized clothes) you won't be able to stop touching it!