Sunday, January 04, 2009


I am trying my best not to focus on the ultrasound that I'm supposed to have at 8:30 tomorrow morning. It's the 'viability' scan that will determine a number of things.
  • Is there actually an embryo in there or is the sac empty? Is there a fetal pole? If there isn't, tomorrow is going to be a super rough day. I'm glad hubby is going to be able to come with me.
  • If there is an embryo in there, will the heartbeat be good enough? Will we be able to see a heartbeat at all at 6 weeks 6 days? I would think so, but I'm still nervous.
  • And if there is an embryo, is there just one? Or are we looking at *gulp* multiples? Like hubby says, "One is great. Two and we'll do okay. Three and I'm going to need therapy!" (I say just one; beta numbers seem to indicate only one anyway.)
Regardless, I'm so nervous about tomorrow and I am terrified to walk into the local RE's office and have that ultrasound.

One foot in front of the other, right? In the meantime, I'm saying tons of prayers for good luck tomorrow.

Congrats to Vee and Max on being right ahead of me and having seen a heartbeat this week! I'm so thrilled for them both!


Mo and Will said...

Hang in there! The ultrasounds are torture (but wonderful when it works out!). Sounds like you're doing all the right things. Just have to get through today as best as possible - distraction is key. Movies, phone calls, anything you can come up with to pass the time. Will be sending good thoughts your way.


Anonymous said...

I know the torture of which you speak SO WELL!!! (For some damn reason I thought you were going on Friday the 2nd so have been stalking your blog!)...

I have SUCH a good feeling about your pregnancy (I know, I know, not exactly as comforting as a scan and a strong heartbeat!)!

Will be looking forward to the good news tomorrow. And in the meantime, I agree: lots of DISTRACTiONS!!!


parasol said...

I hope Dr. B finds everything you're looking for tomorrow! Good luck! I'm sending lots of positive energy your way.

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow!

Vee said...

Thanks Gil :)

I am so hoping you get the same result and see the little heart beat. It is amazing !
I am sending you lots of luck.

Leslee said...

Good luck at today's appointment!