Wednesday, January 14, 2009

VTS, but it's still the jackpot to us.

At yesterday's ultrasound, only one little MB was present. "Petit" was just hanging out in there, happy as a clam.

At 8 wks, crown-to-rump measurement is 1.58 cms and the heart beat was 175 BPM. All is good with our one little Petit.

If there is/was a second one, it has either succumbed to Vanishing Twin Syndrome or is playing hide and seek in my uterus. Likely the former. We are a little disappointed, it's true, because it would have been fantastic to have twins. We were looking forward to it in fact. But it's okay. One Petit is just fine by us. After all, after five plus years of TTC, I'm not going to dare look a gift horse in the mouth.

I have to say though, the other night I had the PIO shot from hell. Seriously. Usually they're not so terrible, or I can handle it. But the other night, I cried like a baby. We figured hubby might have hit a nerve on my right side or something. The pain was nothing short of excruciating. Seriously.

It was only the image of Petit that kept me going after that. Some days are really much, much harder than others.



Leslee said...

Gil, I'm sorry about the second bean. I hope it's just playing hide and seek. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about the vanishing twin, Gil.

I am glad Petit is going strong.

Kate said...

I'm sorry about the twin. :(

They wanted to put me on PIO shots for this pregnancy b/c my progesterone was soooo low and after hearing this I am glad I talked then out of it. I hope Petit keeps going strong!

Pam said...

I'm sorry about the vanishing twin. Hopefully it's just hiding. But great the Petit is hanging in. :)

ultimatejourney said...

I'm sorry there's only one now. But still so thrilled about the one!

Vee said...

Sorry to hear about the VT, hoping he is just hiding.
Glad that the other is doing well.

DI_Dad said...

Sending you our thoughts as well. - Eric

Anonymous said...

Savour and enjoy each and every moment of this beautiful gift.

Katie said...

I am so sorry about the loss of your other baby. It's hard, being so happy and yet sad all at once. That happened to me, too.

So, thinking of you all.

Confessions of a Wandering Soul said...

Enjoy the bliss of motherhood to the fullest :). A package filled with abundance of love and fighting spirit is sent to your baby Petit.

Cassandra said...

Very sorry about the twin, but glad to hear that Petit is going strong.

Fallopian 'Tudes said...

I'm here from LFCA... just wanted to say I'm so sad to read about your misfortune with one of the twins. It sounds like what happened with my mom - I was a twin but early on my twin was unable to be detected anymore.
I am glad to hear you have one strong healthy baby for sure, and not to place false hope or anything but it is possible the other is in there somewhere!