Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Amazing Weekend Away + Sentimental Story

To echo V's and Pam's sentiments about our spectacular time in Toronto last weekend, it was, well... spectacular. As you travel through life, you meet so many people. Some simply rub you the wrong way and you go on about your business. Some rub you the wrong way and you either try to smile and make nice, or you agree to disagree and keep your distance. Some people are good people and you get on well enough, but you don't have much in common so you chat now and then or you send a Christmas card or whatnot. And then there are some others... those with whom you click and you get along fabulously. Pam and V are those people. Each time we get together, we sorta pick up where we left off; there's no end to the things we could talk about! There's a general consensus (and yeah, I'm stealing your line V!) that, "The first three times, you're guests. After that, you're on your own." You just feel comfortable with them, you know? Anyway, our weekend in Toronto was nothing short of wonderful, just like our kind hosts. And I am so glad to have been able to meet Patti, her husband and baby Jack, as well as Aurelia while we were there. I thoroughly enjoyed indulging with good friends, good food, and good conversation. My thanks and appreciation goes out to all of you for making our weekend something wonderful!

And to Pam and Patti: you both are too sweet. On Saturday evening, after dinner was done, these wonderful ladies presented me with two knit blankets for Petit. The one Patti made is brown with some green throughout and Pam's was a cream colour. I gotta upload the pics. But nevertheless, thank you both so much for doing that! It wasn't necessary of course, but I will proudly use the blankets and tell Petit of the wonderful bloggers and friends out there who are amazing, considerate people. Bless you both.

Now on to the sentimental story...
While I was in Toronto, we got to talking about fertility (duh!), children, stepchildren and all that sort of thing. I mentioned that I really needed to blog about the birthday card that my two stepchildren gave me a couple of weeks ago for my 39th birthday. It made me smile and brought a tear to my eye.


The Un-Wicked Stepmother

Once upon a time,
there was a stepmom
who didn't live up to her name.
She was nice and generous
and never once asked anyone
to sweep coal.
Word about this lovely stepmom
spread through the village,
and everyone gathered in disbelief.
"Look at her!" someone said,
"She's positively warm and wonderful!"
"Unbelieveable!" said another.
"Very rare, indeed!"
The stepmom just laughed
and went on being
her great, wise, lovable self--
helping her family
live happily ever after.

Happy Birthday to a Wonderful Stepmom.
Love, N & J


Patti said...

It was sooo wonderful meeting you and yer hubby, Gil. You two are so friendly and nice that Mark and I felt comfortable from "Hello".

The card from your stepkids doesn't really surprise me: they just see in you what we all do: you're sweet, kind, friendly and all together wonderful.

How wonderful it must have been, though, to receive such a touching card. Good for you!

Soooo when are you coming back?

Mick said...

That's a wonderful story. You're so lucky to have such friends. Continued good luck to you...

Mick said...

And I forgot to mention that you're lucky to have such good step children!

Anonymous said...

Glad the weekend was great, sorry I missed it!

Vee said...

Aaaw such a lovely post. You deserve all the goodness around you.

Aurelia said...

Awwww, so nice. I did love that story!

And I was very glad to meet you and your hubby. Now take care of that baby to be, and love to you both!

Marie-Baguette said...

awwww, that's so cute! While I don't doubt you are a fantastic stepmother, it seems you also have very nice stepchildren! I can't believe you are close to 30 weeks! I am thinking of you and le petit