Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Under Pressure!

Hubby and I had errands to run today. Things like pop to the post office, the bank, pick up a little lamp for our room (so I can see to change Petit and nurse and the like), etc.

Can I just say how much pressure I felt while walking around the mall?! Holy heaven! Honestly, it felt like Petit was going to drop right then and there!

Add to that all the BH contractions I'm feeling and hubby doesn't think I'm going to make it to next Tuesday's due date. I have to say though, if I don't make it to at least Saturday, Petit is going to suffer the wrath of grandma and a great aunt!!!


ultimatejourney said...

Sending good vibes for the end of your pregnancy!

Vee said...

Yeah I am having that same pressure, I feel like I need to hold him back from popping out !
I am hoping that when ever Petit is ready that it is a convenient and easy time for you!
Thinking of you Gil.

OHN said...

I am guessing that late Friday night will be the magic time :)

Angie said...

Thinking of you!!