Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Busy Fall

Two months.

Oh. My. God. Where did that time go? I've already finished one-sixth of my maternity leave! It can't be! But my little girl is still a BABY for heaven's sake!

But then again, she isn't the newborn that she was a number of weeks ago. I take her to the well-baby clinic every Monday to have her weighed, checked, and to ask any questions I might have to the public health nurses. Last week when I took her, I realized she was almost 8 weeks old and there, next to me, was a woman holding a little ball of a baby who was a mere 3 weeks old. Looking at the size of her baby and the size of Petite, I almost wept to realize that she's not that little, tiny thing anymore. Yes, she's still only 10 or 11 lbs, but she's not the tiny ball that she used to be when she was newborn. And how did we get from there to here anyway? It boggles the mind.

As time passes, I cherish every moment. But I do have to look forward as well. I've already organized our flights for Christmas. We'll be heading home to visit my family. I'll get a good six weeks with them but hubby can only go for about one week because of his class schedules. That sorta sucks. He isn't looking forward to being separated from me and Petite for that length of time. I'm not looking forward to being separated from him either. But I'll have other hands to help me out and he'll get a few weeks of decent sleep while he goes to school.

I'm preparing for the flight with Petite by doing some research. I can tell you it's about a 3-hour flight, non-stop on the way down (one stop on the return flight, but no changing planes). I have opted to carry her on my lap and save the fare for the extra seat. I won't be bringing the stroller or her car seat or any other large pieces of child-care equipment as I've got a line on some things I can borrow from good friends while I'm at home. So knowing all that, what are your bits of advice for travelling with an infant? Aisle seat (to get up) or window seat (for a little extra elbow room)? How do you heat bottles on a flight? How do you carry your infant... moby? Sling? In your arms? I can tell you too that I'll have her passport before we go; we did the paperwork earlier this week and we ought to have her passport in two weeks. We already have three other pieces of ID for her so I am good in that department, and just to be sure, hubby is going to write a letter that I can take with me, stating that he is aware that I'm taking our baby girl home to my family for six weeks. What else do I need to think about? Bottles, soothers, blankets, where best to change a baby on an airplane? So much to consider! Your thoughts and ideas are most welcome!

While we're at home, we hope to have Petite christened. I've contacted my church at home with that request but we're not sure if they can squeeze us in during the Christmas and New Year week. I sure hope so. My family is a founding family of our particular church and although I can only attend when I'm home visiting, it's still my home church and I hope they can facilitate the christening that week. That would be wonderful. My mom brought up the christening gown that my sister and I both wore. It's lovely and simple yet very classy and I would love to use it for Petite.

I've got to call today to book a photo sitting for her for our Christmas Cards as well. Otherwise I'll never get them out the door before I get on that plane, will I? Yikes. Christmas. Can you believe it's almost upon us once again? This time last year, hubby and I were preparing for our trip to Florida with his kids, and we had our IVF meds all ready to go because I started injections on that trip, during our time in Disney. Amazing a year has passed already. Just amazing.

Later today, hubby and I have an appointment at the bank. We're opening a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for our little girl to use when she is ready for university in 18 years. We'll contribute to it (and get tax breaks for doing so) through the years and it will grow, hopefully into enough money to help her get a leg up when it comes time to further her education. It's so important to think of trying to do these sorts of things now, to maximize our contributions and help her later on. Hmm... reminds me, I ought to look into making a will and getting some life insurance.

I'm also trying to figure out when to get my H1N1 vaccine. Canada has already rolled out the vaccines and they're available to those on the priority list in my province as of Monday past. That means that anyone who meets the specific criteria can get the vaccination before it is distributed to the general public. Because hubby and I care for a child who is less than six months old (thus she is unable to be vaccinated), we're "high-risk" and we both qualify for the priority list. Fair enough. But the wait times are insane! People are lining up at 10 a.m. for a 2:30 p.m. clinic! And by 3:30 they're having to close off the line saying that those people would have to wait til towards the end of the clinic's hours (8:30 p.m.) to get their injection! It's crazy! But I know we both need it. Now how to get it and avoid bringing Petite along with me. I don't want to have her waiting like that nor do I want to expose her to all those people in a public place. Not with this stupid flu circulating like wildfire. While I might battle it okay, she's just a babe and I am not willing to expose her to so many potential germs! Ick!

She is growing like a weed though. At last week's well-baby clinic she was 10 lbs 12 oz and all smiles for the nurse. Unfortunately, now that the H1N1 vaccines are being distributed, the well-baby clinics are cancelled for the next six to eight weeks while public nurses go to assist with the innoculations. Thus Petite won't be back at the well-baby clinic; they're only for infants from 0 to 3 months and she'll be past that by that time. Additionally, we'll be flying home in five weeks so we simply won't be here. I do have a doctor's appointment for her this Friday though for her 2-month innoculations. I'm not looking forward to that. Hubby's coming too, cause I'm probably going to break down in tears! I'm such a wuss.

In the meantime, we bought a cute little Halloween sleeper for our baby girl. This is as much of a costume as she'll have this year I expect. We took a jaunt out to Saunders Farm to take photos with her. Here's a couple for your viewing pleasure.

I love how hubby stops to kiss Petite first and then me when he comes home. It's just another little reminder of this special little one in our lives and how we're now part of something that is bigger than just the two of us.

Thinking of...
My thoughts are with Patti over at Just One More, as she celebrates her mother's life and mourns her recent passing.

And I'm celebrating with Decemberbaby (of course you'll get pregnant!) as she has a positive beta. Keeping fingers crossed!

Happy Halloween everyone!


Anonymous said...

I would call the airline and ask about baby bassinets which some planes have the capability for - that way your hands and lap are free. You would sit in a bulkhead seat (extra leg room is also handy!) and the bassinet fastens to the wall in front of you.

Vee said...

The time has certainly flown Gil. Petite is adorable I love that smile and the Halloween outfit.

When I was researching flying with a newborn, I read that you should feed bubs on take off and touch down to alleviate the pressure in their ears. The sucking helps with that.

Happy Halloween!

Mick said...

I feel as if we're living some kind of parallel life.
I can't believe how quick my little one is growing. I've also applied for a passport as we'll be flying to my hometown in Ireland for Christmas.
Out of habit, I also kiss my little one as soon as I come home from work. :-)

Enjoy it...

Rach said...

Oh Gil Petite is gorgeous!!

So glad to read an update from you!


Aurelia said...

Actually, the bassinets are incredibly dangerous. (They collapse, don't ask.) Transport Canada is close to banning them, so don't take one if offered. Some flight attendants don't know, God knows what they will tell you.

If you can't book an extra seat, ask when you take off if you can be seated somewhere beside an empty seat. They do exist, and boy are they helpful.

Take the car seat so you don't end up with a borrowed one that might not be very good. They are easy to transport and free. Same for strollers, pack and plays, etc.

You can just roll up to the door of the airplane and hand over the stroller and car seat and the crew takes them away. When you disembark, they will be right there. Otherwise, you have to carry her, your carry-on/purse, her diaper bag and get through security and if you have to go to the bathroom--you are toast.

So take the stroller. And if you ARE lucky enough to get an empty seat, carrying the carseat along means you have a safe place to put her, beside you while taking off. (I know it's expensive...)

Westjet does not have plugs for anything electrical to heat bottles or pump, (if you are, dunno?) but the attendants might help with their micro?

I had a travel post for kids a while back with some good links...I'll try to find it and send it along.

Neeroc said...

Oh she's so gorgeous! I'm glad things sound like they're going so well, you certainly sound like you've got things together! Re: the travelling letter, if you're planning (or not *g*) on crossing borders, I'm fairly sure the letter from the parent not travelling with the child has to be notarized.

ultimatejourney said...

She's SO adorable, Gil! We traveled with A at about 3 months and also had the car seat, stroller, crib taken care of by the ppl at our destination. I just put A in a Baby Bjorn (though really, whatever carrier you prefer will work) and she stayed there all through the airport and the flight, except when she needed to eat. Ideally, Petite will be eating or sleeping on takeoff and landing, but it probably won't work out perfectly every time. If she takes a pacifier/sucker that would work too.

If you're anything like me, you'll be nervous as heck and it will go much more smoothly than you expect :)

Anonymous said...

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Mo and Will said...

she is so, so beautiful! time does fly, doesn't it? sorry i'm finally just making it by : )