Monday, November 15, 2010

Grief... yet again.

Shortly after I found out about Mo and Will's loss, I read about dear Serenity (Serenity Now) and her loss.

I am so, so very sorry to hear that sad news. I wish I could make things better for both Mo and Serenity. I wish I could take it all away and make everything right again. I wish they didn't have to deal with IF and the pain, sorrow and grief that it brings.

But to both of them, I want to say that we love you, we are praying for you and we have hope.

I continue to have hope.

I imagine hope like a candle, burning brightly and steadily, sheltered from wind and rain, and providing a beacon to those who seek it.

But when loss like Mo's or Serenity's happens, I envisage that flame flickering down... way down, to almost nothing. And then, right before it burns out, it finds a flicker of air and rises up again, strong and steady, lighting the way.

I have hope for them both.

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