Sunday, December 12, 2010

T minus 13 hours... *gulp*

Thirteen hours from now, I'll be sitting in our specialist's office in Montréal...

... scared sh*tless.

I have no idea how this appointment is going to play out, but I am nervous tonight as I contemplate the various scenarios.

I just hope I don't walk out of there like I did our first appointment with the staff at McGill. I remember sniffling in the parking lot, bawling my eyes out by the time I sat down in the car and totally breaking down on our way back home. I was terrified.

At that time, we had already done so much and gone through so many tests, tears, grief and pain over the previous six years, I didn't know if I could pull myself together to get the "rest" of the tests done for the folks in MTL.

But I managed. We did it.

And look where it got us.

Please God, let tomorrow go well. I would love to make our little girl a big sister at the end of all this.


Kakunaa said...

This is quite possibly one of the best Christmas photos I have EVER seen. I hope all goes well at your appointment :)

ultimatejourney said...

I love pictures with kids and christmas lights. She is too cute!

I'll be thinking of you guys tomorrow. I hope all goes well.

Marc said...

Wow! I love the picture.

Good luck in Montreal

Nearlydawn said...

My guess is you will do wonderfully, given that you have a goal that is now tangible. You've already crossed all the hurdles once and know it can be done-know it can work. Good luck today!

ms. c said...

That's just the sweetest shot of Petite. I can't believe how big she is.
I hope today's appointemnt was more fruitful than traumatic. It's hard getting back "at it" again.
(And I hope you survived the snow, ice and rain!)