Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Tad Scattered

Petite's had her first haircut. And it went relatively well. She didn't get upset or cry. She was quite good in fact. Except of course that she's rather squirmy and wanted to get down to play with the various toys in the shop. I tried to keep her entertained and snapped a bunch of photos as the stylist was working with her. It turned out pretty well. I must try to upload a photo when I remember it.

Good news yesterday; at 18 wks 6 days, my sister had an ultrasound. They're going to have a boy! As one of my friends said, "One of each for your parents to love!" We're thrilled for my sis and her husband. I get to be an aunt to a sweet little baby boy! YAY!

The countdown to Christmas has begun. I've still got a litlte shopping to handle, though not much now. I have wrapping to do too. And groceries. And Petite needs to get her picture taken with Santa. And then after all the Christmas insanity is done, I have to get out the suitcases and try to pack for vacation. Somewhere in there, I have to get bloodwork done. And take the van for servicing. And remember to keep up with the choir practices, and appearances at church services. Oh my.

I need about 30 hours in a day in order to get all this stuff done.

And oh please, if I could sleep soundly for about 7 hours of those 30? Now THAT would be novel. *falls over, from lack of sleep and really low iron stores*

I'm hoping your holiday stresses are few and your joy is plentiful. Peace and goodwill to all.

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Kakunaa said...

Have a great holiday, hon! Can't wait to see your baby's first haircut! Try to relax on the vacation, k?