Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two Years Ago

Two years ago today...

on August 25, 2009...

(on my EDD in fact)...

at 40 weeks exactly...

at 10:15 that evening...

my water broke.

I remember every moment, like it was yesterday. My mom and my aunt were upstairs. Hubby and I were in the basement; I was on my computer, copying MP3 files to my MP3 player for the hospital. The absolute last task I needed to complete to say I was 'ready' for whenever Petite made an appearance.

Hubby went upstairs, leaving me in the basement alone. I finished up the copying and took the SD card from my computer. And as I was logging off... pop.

I felt the water before anything else and I jumped up before it gushed everywhere, and went to the bathroom which was about 25 feet behind me. Yanking down my shorts, I sat down quickly on the toilet, baby moving vigorously in my belly. The liquid just kept coming, and coming, and coming. Non stop. I knew it wasn't pee; I could just tell. I just knew. I remember putting my hand over my mouth and thinking, "This is it. This is it. My water just broke! I'm going to have a baby." I was in awe. Totally amazed at the process. I remember it was pale/clear. Not yellow like urine. Or red to indicate a problem. I remember it got all over my clothing, a little on my chair, and more again on the bathroom floor. I remember being VERY excited.

But I was alone in the basement. And no amount of yelling would have brought anyone to me; they wouldn't have heard. So I waited. Water flowed. Eventually, I heard someone come downstairs. It was my aunt. She was coming to the washer and dryer, not far from the bathroom. I called to her through the walls and said, "Can you get Hubby please?" She said she would and went back upstairs with the basket of laundry. He came downstairs and I told him, "Come in." I unlocked the door for him, stretching from the toilet. He found me on the toilet, wet from the waist down. "I think I need some towels." He stared wide-eyed, "Your water broke?" "Yup. We're going to have a baby."

I soaked through the towels he gave me. I actually took a shower before we went to the hospital as labour didn't start yet and we had time that hour in the evening. But I remember those moments as clear as day. I wore my brown maternity capris and a blue/brown maternity shirt to the hospital. I was leaking water all the way (I had a towel stuffed down my pants, but that still didn't stem the tide!) and I wore a smile as wide as the sun. I'm sure I did. I didn't care who saw my wet pants. I really didn't. For I was about to have a baby. And THAT made everything perfect.


Today, August 25, 2011, Petite is about to turn 2 years old. I am planning a Dora-themed party for our backyard pool on Saturday, her birthday (yes, I was technically in 'labour' for 45 hours, but labour had to be induced).

Today, August 25, 2011, my two cats, my babies that I brought back from Japan in 1996, turn 16 years old. My boys are my furbabies. They are inseparable. They have lost a lot of weight since Petite's birth and are wary of her. But they still love cuddles and love from me. And I love them. I snuggle with them at night, and cuddle them (when I can) during the day. My babies are the best.

Today, August 25, 2011, my darling cycle buddy, Vee, is about to celebrate her little Boo's second birthday too. But she is also mourning yet another loss. She has been through so many amazing highs and lows. Realizing she and her sweet husband Max needed IVF to have a child. Finding out Max had cancer. Success at IVF; and a due date (the same as mine!). Wondering if Max would be alive to witness the baby's birth. Having their little Boo come into their lives. Watching cancer deteriorate her husband's body. When Boo was merely 9 months old, she said goodbye to Max as he slipped away. Mourning his passing. Celebrating his life with amazing art, with the help of other IF bloggers! Realizing she needed a new start and she found a new place to live. Watching her Mum deteriorate from cancer. And now... this week, she mourns the loss of her Mum. I know she is aching. I know she is in great pain and suffering from grief. Boo's Nonna didn't get to see their new house. She won't get to celebrate Boo's second birthday. Vee needs hugs. Oh so many hugs. Go say hello. Give her a hug. She needs as many as she can get right now.

Much love to all in blogland.

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Vee said...

Thank you xx

Happy Birthday beautiful Petite! Love and kisses from your Aussie boyfriend xx