Monday, October 17, 2011

Fifth Disease

Yet again, this thing has reared its ugly head.

Petite has Fifth Disease. Again. Or rather... still.

Two weeks ago, on Friday, September 30, we noticed this rash. It looked a bit like hives in some spots. It looked itchy, but it didn't seem to bother her at all. She was a little sensitive and touchy, but other than that, she was happy and playing just as normal.

Over the course of the weekend, the spots and rash migrated, disappearing from her torso and reappearing on her legs, her arms, her face (I know why it's also called "Slapped Cheek Syndrome"!), and other areas. And then, it subsided by Sunday night, and on Monday morning, October 3, she was fine again.

Until last Friday.

And on Friday morning, my caregiver called me to say that Petite had "hives" in a few spots on her body, asking if we'd given her any different foods, or changed detergents or anything. Nada. By Friday night, her underarms exhibited the same nasty rash again. And over the weekend, the rash and hives did the same thing: they migrated, moving around from torso to legs, to face, to arms and (almost) everywhere in between. This morning, it was her legs that were covered. I do mean "covered." There was barely a spot on her legs that didn't have some degree of redness.

To appease my fears and reassure our caregiver, Hubby took Petite to the clinic this morning. The verdict is in: Fifth Disease, just as we suspected. It can last up to three weeks or so. We still have another week to go apparently.

At least she's cleared for daycare and she's still happy and energetic.


Sending love and wonderful wishes to Kelly who had her little girl on October 13. Congratulations Kelly, as you enjoy these first amazing days. It's never boring and it's the most rewarding thing you'll likely ever do! Welcome Blakely!


marilyn said...

oh my gosh..that looks very painful. I am so sorry!

OHN said...

BTW..."they" say that you can't get it a second time. Don't believe it. My kids had it two distinctly different times.

Phil & Jenn Stewart said...

Have her tested for strep. Strep can cause an allergic reaction internally that will cause a traveling hives/rash. It's also called scarletina or scarlet fever. It's not as bad as it sounds, but completely curable. My daughter had this before. Just good to rule it out.