Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Naturopathic Help for Infertility

I was contacted by a producer/researcher at CTV (in Toronto) who is doing some research on infertility for a Health and Lifestyle pilot. CTV is currently searching for couples who might want to come on TV and discuss natural treatments with a Naturopathic doctor, and look into alternative ways of family-building.

As I explained to her on the phone today, I don't know that Naturopathy can improve our particular chances: after all, our major issue is uniting sperm with egg, given that sperm must be retrieved surgically. But I do know of many people who have subfertility issues (egg quality, sperm motility, etc.) who may benefit from this type of assistance. That said, if we can benefit from it, I'm certainly willing to listen.

If you are Canadian, particularly in the Toronto area (Pam and V, I'm thinking about you!), and are interested, get in touch by e-mail or find me here. I'll put you in touch with the CTV producer who will be more than happy to take your information. Who knows? You might benefit immensly from the consultation!

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