Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Best Advice

In protest today of the American SOPA and PIPA legislation, many websites are blacked out or are discussing the details of Internet Censoring.

Our resident Stirrup Queen, Mel, has a counter-idea in play today: post the best advice you have to give. In her entry, she shares The Best Parenting (and Marriage) Advice I Have to Give. A very good read. I think I need to read it a few times to absorb the information she has in there. Thank you for posting it Mel. At the moment, your advice could be very helpful in my world. It's good to hear it.

And while I am absolutely swamped this week with a bunch of things at work and at home, I have one motto, one creed, one piece of advice that has served me well through all these years and likely for many years to come.

It is better to live with remorse than with regret.

I first heard it in French in a Patrick Bruel song (Place des grands hommes). At the beginning of the live version, he shouts, "Il vaut mieux vivre avec des remords qu'avec des regrets." It resonated in me, from a very young age. And I have taken it to heart.

That piece of advice has seen me through the most difficult of times. It has spurred me onwards when I wasn't sure. It has made me take stock of my life at various times and pushed me to make decisions.

It is the one piece of advice that I keep coming back to. Without it, I expect Petite simply wouldn't exist. For while I am stubborn, I very well may have given up before we got lucky.

Now, I keep hearkening back to this advice, as we look ahead and determine if we are going to try for a sibling for Petite. "Il vaut mieux vivre avec des remords qu'avec des regrets. Alors ESSAYE." Just TRY.

If I don't try, I will regret it forever more. I'd much rather live with remorse for having tried than with regret that I never grabbed the opportunity.

Essaye. Alors essaye.


areyoukiddingme said...

Ah, we use something similar at work - it's better to ask forgiveness than permission. But that's because we have many ridiculous rules that make no sense.

But, it's a very good life motto - trying is half the battle.

jjiraffe said...

Ooooh. I like this a lot and have never heard it. Thank you for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

I love Patrick Bruel. Had a major crush on him when I was in high school. Then I moved on to Kevin Costner. :-)

Somehow I have always lived by this motto. I am a doer, I often do first and think later (not advisable, at least not always), and I have to say I have very few regrets. And almost all are related to not having done something.

Very good advice. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This made me think.. and it's true. I would also regret more if not even trying for the things that's important and sit and wonder 'what if', If you try and fail at least you know even though it might hurt more in the end. Doesn't sound like it makes sense though but I do agree..

PS.I'm using my old id that I will take away soon, can't use the new one - need another option in the comment section.

Chickenpig said... true. Keep fighting the good fight :)

jhl said...

Love this. I've tried to live the same way ... do it, because you'll never know how you might have felt about *not* doing it.

Coffeegrljp said...

I've never heard it expressed quite this way- very, very lovely. And wonderful advice in my opinion.

Coffeegrljp said...

I've never heard it expressed quite this way- very, very lovely. And wonderful advice in my opinion.