Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Zoo followed by BBQ

For the long May 24 weekend, Hubby and I went to visit Pam and V in the Greater Toronto Area. And we arranged with Patti (a former IF blogger, now inactive) and her husband to get together with them and their 3-year old for a day at Toronto Zoo. 

Hubby took a few great shots of the polar bear in his habitat. He'd just come out after a swim.

Petite wanted to see the crocodiles, so we took the kids inside the area where they're kept. They didn't move much, so I wonder if she realized they were real! 

Petite wanted to see the monkeys, but as soon as she saw the "mingos" she was taken!

Personally I love the big cats. This is one of the better photos I took. 

Patti and her husband brought a wagon for the kids to share. After lunch, they were determined to play, even though they were starting to tucker out. 

It was the first weekend the Zoo's Splash Pad was open. We got some wonderful photos and a video of Petite running in and out of the water. She had a blast! And it was a great way for the kids to refresh. 

Patti took this one, appropriate titled "Anticipation." 

The kids on the merry-go-round, and they loved it!

The kids both finally crashed when they were loaded into the vehicles for the ride home. A nap was definitely in order. They needed it for later that night... 

... because that evening, Pam held a huge BBQ (about 50-60 people) for her husband's birthday. Here are the kids enjoying themselves to the fullest! (Patti's husband, M, took this photo.)

Little Miss is such a socialite! Just like her great-grandmother on her grandfather's side. She was the centre of the party, dancing, laughing, and generally unafraid to approach anyone in the room! So much so, that when V's birthday cake was brought out, she was right there with him! 

The cake was a masterpiece! Pam does the most brilliant pieces. The cake is in the photo below; the pancakes are really a cake! It was scrumptious! On top of that, Pam's husband V let Petite help him blow out the candle!

We had a glorious visit. And that day was spectacular. One we shall not forget anytime soon.

Thank you Pam, V, Patti and M for making our time in the GTA such fun!


loribeth said...

You weren't very far from me. ; ) I haven't been to the zoo in years -- we took our nephew when he was about Petite's age, & now he's 23 years old & 6 foot plus, eeekk! : ) Enjoy!

Pam A. said...
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Pam said...

It was a fantastic weekend with you guys! Thank you for coming in! Hugs!