Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Crazy Busy Life

I've been swamped this weekend. I was up at 8 a.m. doing my hair on Saturday morning before anyone awoke. I followed that with baking gingerbread pumpkin cookies for Halloween. Yes yes, I know I could have bought ginger cookies. But they're just not the same! Some of the cookies went with Petite to her Halloween party at daycare today. Some will go to a bake sale at the office on Wednesday. And some more, I'll keep for us at home.
I did even more baking: a couple of batches of Sugar cookies. Happy Birthday ones for one of the kids at the daycare (to coincide with the Monday Halloween party).
I made a macaroni and cheese casserole for dinner on Monday night. I contemplated baking bread, but I never got that far.
I shopped: picking up a snowsuit for Petite for this year as well as Halloween goodies for daycare kids. I have yet to get Petite's winter boots though. And I didn't buy enough Halloween candy/chocolate to hand out at my girlfriend's house yet. Crap. I knew I forgot something. I'll put it on the "to do" list for Tuesday.
I finished sewing some details of Petite's costume. She wore it today for the Halloween party. She loved it.
Hubby enlisted his son's help to close our pool (finally!) and then Hubby finished up the painting in the living room. Good thing. Our furniture from the east coast will arrive in the next couple of days.
I did some laundry, changed Petite's bed, all that sort of regular thing.
Hubby was recently in a car accident and the woman in the other car came to our house on Saturday with an estimate for her repairs. Ugh. Can I stick my head in the sand now? One good thing about seeing this woman: she bought all of the rest of Petite's old clothing that I was going to consign. I gave her a helluva deal because she is going to ship it all to Haiti (her native country). I know the need there is great, so I let it all go for a steal. I know some kids in Haiti will be very well dressed. I even threw in a huge bag of shoes/boots/sneakers for good measure.
Over the weekend, we hung up a bunch of Halloween decorations. We carved our pumpkins on Saturday night too. You can see the five here:
Hubby's bat, my witch (Petite wanted me to do that with her), my girlfriend's bat cavern,
her daughter's grim reaper, and my stepson's "Beware," which he took home with him, and it promptly became a squirrel snack!

A woman came today to buy our coffee and end tables that we had for sale on Kijiji. After the mother of all garage sales, we had a few big ticket items left that we were going to try to sell individually. I think we have only one or two left now. 
Needless to say, we're busy. I cannot wait until some of the busy goes away. (And some part of me is very, very thankful that I am this busy at all.)
I continue to be excited and happy for Mo and Will who welcomed little Magpie one week ago. What an incredible journey. What a gorgeous girl. How very lucky they were this time around!
And to Keiko, who is venturing into the early stages of a hard-won pregnancy after premature ovarian failure and a donor egg cycle. She is a wonderful advocate for the ALI community. I am keeping fingers crossed that all continues to go well for her.
I know many of you are dealing with Hurricane Sandy in the next few days. Stay safe everyone. Love to all.
Oh, I've taken up my "photo a day" blog again. I posted about 40 photos starting from a few months ago up to pics that I took today. I will try to pick it up and finish out this year. 

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loribeth said...

I can relate. It's year end at work -- 'nuff said. ; ) Glad to hear you are reviving your photo blog!