Monday, June 15, 2015

Microblog Mondays: An Excellent Reminder for Us All

Our dear Mel over at Stirrup Queens has begun a blog phenomenon... as she frequently does. 

Microblog Mondays. Writing in your own space. Something short and sweet. But it's meant to take back our bloggy space and call it our own. I am going to try to do this periodically. Life's hectic. So we'll see how long this lasts.

I wrote this on Facebook the other day. So many of my friends thought it was a wonderful, sweet anecdote and it needs to be shared. So here you go:

Today was a really warm, sunny day and we had planned to hit a park and a splash pad before running some errands. I put on the ONE pair of shorts that I own and I asked Hubby if he thought I could wear them out and about in public. (Side note: I never wear shorts out in public, only around the house or garden on my own property. I am so terribly self-conscious about my body, even post-surgery after losing 140 lbs. It's horrid.)

Petite overheard Hubby and me talking, and she peeked in the bedroom. Her words moved me.

"Mommy, it doesn't matter about the outside. It's the inside that counts."

One smart girl, right there.

I teared up a little, and hugged her tightly, telling her, "You know, you're absolutely right. Thank you sweetheart. I needed to hear that right now. It DOESN'T matter what anyone thinks, really... does it?"

And yes... I wore the shorts. :)


Lollipop Goldstein said...

Good on you! I'm glad you wore the shorts and that your daughter saw you putting them on and going out and about. She's right. And she's a very smart little girl.

loribeth said...

Yes -- smart kid, that Petite. ;) Glad to hear you wore the shorts. Capris are generally about as far as I'll go in showing my legs in public, but I did wear shorts to the farmers' market today, and the earth didn't stop moving. ;)

awomanmyage said...

That's what I love about kids. They always let you know what is true and right! Good for you! I haven't worn shorts in about 15 years!

Jess said...

What a great message! So sweet.