Tuesday, October 10, 2006

No Signs; Not even a Signpost

Okay, I confess... I have no idea what day in my cycle it is right now. The total insanity of the long Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada has tossed thoughts of fertility to the furthest recesses of my little brain. I have spent the weekend cooking, cleaning, shopping, visiting and entertaining. And on top of all that, I've got a cold. (Thanks to my hubby. He loves to share you see.)

So I'm trying not to take meds to help ease the cold symptoms. Sucking on Ricola throat lozenges just isn't cutting it. And you can be d*mn sure that those don't help my stuffy nose. Don't you just hate it when you become sick in your 2ww? Seriously, this sucks. Royally.

Hubby is home today sick, as am I. Well, he's been sick for more than two weeks; I suspect it's an infection now, rather than just a cold. Usually he can shake them much faster than that. He's taking his butt to a doctor today though to get it sorted out. Good thing too. I was ready to take him to the doctor myself. The incessant coughing is grating on my last nerve. Argh!

I think though, what is worse than all of that, is that so far, I feel nothing. Usually, when I have a cycle that "works" I feel twinges, symptoms, little signs and indications that I MIGHT be... well, the "P" word. (Yeah, I'm superstitous when it comes to even saying it. Like I'm some sort of fraud or something.) And this cycle, I feel nothing. No sore, heavy breasts; no heaviness in my abdomen; no sensitive gums when I brush my teeth; no darkened veins that look like bruises; no nausea (I remember one morning when I barely made it to the office after walking by the cafeteria at our headquarters complex!) nada. Usually, if the IUI works, about 4 days after the procedures, I start feeling something. Considering that this is Tuesday, and I had IUIs on Thursday and Friday of last week, I would know by now. Or, I think I would know. Maybe it's me just being silly and superstitious again.

Or maybe it's just this cold. I'll take my sick butt back to bed for awhile and concentrate on getting better.


Lisa said...

Gil -
I hate being sick! Take care of yourself and feel better. It's early, so don't read too much into your lack of symptoms. It really could be the cold.

Neeroc said...

I think the worst part about these journeys is that they turn you into a mess about your body and reading the signs. Some might say that we are more in tune, but I tend to feel slightly obsessive.

Still hoping the best for you.

Gil said...

Thanks to you both. Good wishes are always welcome when you're down for the count.

And yeah Neeroc, I feel much the same; obsessive sums it up nicely. Trying to read every little sign. It's insanity at its best sometimes. We just have to hang in there. And yes, that means you too hon.

Hugs to you both on this crazy journey!