Friday, October 06, 2006

Urine our World Now...

Welcome to CD12, and another look at my girly bits today with the dildo cam revealed that both follicles had released. YAY! I knew with those twinges yesterday that I'd ovulated. I must remember to record that on my chart. According to the doc, there is a lot of free fluid behind the uterus... a good sign. So knowing that I ovulated, he did another IUI today.

It took a good bit of poking and prodding today with that cam. My cervix is so very deep, there is no way I can ever possibly reach it, and doctors have often commented that it is VERY far back. I ask if that would ever pose a problem to delivering a child, or getting pregnant, but they all deny that it would be. So I assume it's just because I'm built that way. C'est la vie.

Anyway, both yesterday and today I did manage to empty my bladder. And that's a helluva feat for me! Hubby often comments I have a bladder like a freakin' camel. I usually go for a full workday without using the washroom. It's rare that I need to go do that. I NEVER get up in the middle of the night for it either. I just have an abnormal bladder capacity I guess.

Pee good to me!
So usually when I go for these visits to the doc, he'll comment about my bladder not being empty. I try and I try, but it never seems to fully empty. And last year, when I had the ovarian cyst, I was getting a lot of urinary tract infections. So many ultrasounds. So many urine samples. Eeesh. "Empty your bladder for this test," "Keep your bladder full for this test," "We need a sample," "When was the last time you emptied your bladder?" etc.

I went one time for an ultrasound (external and internal) and I had the external one first. Thus I needed a full bladder. Well, I drank and I drank and I drank some more. I was so full! I needed to go to the bathroom SO badly. But I vowed to hold it until after the external was done. The tech takes one look and her eyes go wide. She says, "Wow, your bladder is super full. Very clear picture!" Then she needed to do the internal. She said, "Go empty your bladder. Twice." Huh? "Yes, twice. Empty it once, then stand up and walk a few minutes. Then empty it again." I did just that. I lay down again, and she inserts the dildo cam. "Yep, still not empty. Go try again." *sigh*

Anyway, yes... yesterday and today. I didn't eat or drink before my appointments. So I made sure to empty fully. And he was very pleased that he could get a clear picture internally with an empty bladder. A real feat, like I said.

*wink wink, nudge nudge*
And the title of this post? Much like the title of this entire blog, it's a nod and a wink to EverQuest and EverQuest 2; online games that I play. Of all the quests I've undertaken in game and in life, this babymaking one is the hardest quest of all. But the reward at the end? That just rocks. :)

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