Monday, November 27, 2006

DIUI #1... and a half

The appointment this morning went well. With the internal ultrasound, the doctor saw lots of free fluid on both sides (indicating that the follicles had released) and no sign of the larger follicles at all. A couple of the little ones were still hanging around (1.3 cm and less) but they'll likely disappear in a day or so, breaking down and reabsorbing back into the body. The endometrium is measuring a nice, thick 9.87 according to measurements. Not bad.

Knowing that I ovulated, he did another IUI with the donor sperm; he used the second half of our first sample, having used half yesterday. And now the 2ww sets in. That is always the hardest isn't it? I mean, all the key players are in place... the sperm is there (and it's GOOD sperm this time!), the eggs are there, the timing is right, but all we can do is wait. You never really know if it works until that 2ww is over.

And during this 2ww, I have a dozen things to keep me busy and try to keep my mind from obsessing on whether this one "worked" and whether the eggs are of good enough quality, and whether I'll be frustrated and dissolving in tears when we head south for Christmas. I have to focus on other things and do my best to just keep going, regardless of the outcome. And that is truly the hardest thing of all.

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