Sunday, November 26, 2006

Donor IUI #1... *gulps*

At today's 8 a.m. appointment, the endometrium was measured to be nice and thick, there are LOTS of follies on both sides, however they haven't released yet, despite the HCG trigger yesterday morning. It's likely that they'll come out to play later today.

So with that optimistic outlook, the doctor did the first IUI with donor sperm. He used half the sample, the second half of which we'll use tomorrow morning at my 6:45 a.m. appointment. And I was given a prescription for 200 mg of progesterone to start tonight before bed, for 14 days.

Hubby and I had a look at the donor sample and we remarked that even the colour was different. There are obvious differences in ejaculate for men who have had a vasectomy from those who have not, for example, colour, consistency, quantity (believe it or not, hubby saw drop in quantity of ejaculate after his vasectomy when he was told that he would likely not see any difference), and um... "shooting distance." None of those things really matter in the long run of course. As long as we have good sperm to work with, that is what matters when trying to have a baby. So you do what you have to. And for us, we are doing the right thing.

So now I am going to take it easy for the day and keep my fingers crossed. I might go with hubby and my stepchildren out to see "Happy Feet" (the movie) later. Good endorphins can only help, right?


DI_Dad said...

No magic dust here but good wishes all around. Regards, Eric

Vee said...

Good Luck Gil,
Exciting times ahead.

Barely Sane said...

Hmmm, I never ever got to see what DH's sperm looked like. To be honest, never thot to ask!!

Glad to hear the donor sample was good. What a relief. Fingers crossed that they do their job. I can hardly wait for you to have your own good news!!!

Good Luck!