Saturday, December 09, 2006

Poetry and Prayer

First up, the poetry. I nominate Flicka for poem of the year. I laughed so hard, tears came to my eyes. Go peek at Merry Christmas Infertilnet; The Infertile Night before Christmas. It's superb. *claps and cheers* Well done!

Now the prayer. It's Saturday morning. I have a crazy day planned and if it would please God, I would like to ask that AF not arrive to dampen my spirits. I am not supposed to test until Monday. I think I've been holding off because I don't want a negative to ruin my day, weekend, week, whatever. I just keep praying. Do prayers get answered? I don't know. Are they heard? I think so, but who can be sure?

Regardless, my day goes on. Today we get to spend some time with hubby's children. They are such a joy. I love them dearly. They called the other night, his daughter spoke with me first (hubby was out shopping).
She asked, "So, Saturday is the last day we get to see you before Christmas and before your trip right?"
I replied, "Yes, it is sweetie. Why, was there something you wanted to do? Something special?"
"Well, (my brother) and I thought it would be neat to go for a drive to Taffy Lane."
*laughter from me* "Of course hon! We make sure we take you guys to Taffy Lane EVERY year. Don't worry. We'll go on Saturday. I promise. Your dad and I had already thought about doing that with you."
*squeals of delight from her* "YAY!"

Let me explain. Here in the city, there is a street named Taffy Lane. There are probably about 50 or 60 homes on the street. But, every year, every single home is decorated to the nines. It's like some unwritten code of conduct that the residents of Taffy Lane adhere to and implicitly agree to when they move onto the street. (By the way, if that interests you, there's one home for sale there right now.) It's SO decorated, that the city puts up temporary "One Way" signs to modify the traffic pattern; otherwise too many automobile accidents would occur. It's SO decorated that they have a reindeer crossing sign decorated with lights put up near one of the hedges. It's SO decorated that each year, one of the residents dresses up as St. Nick himself and will (after he asks permission to do so) open up the back door of your vehicle to hand candy canes to your children and ask them what they want for Christmas. I kid you not. It's spectacular. And all the more magical when a lovely coating of powdered snow lies on the ground and big fluffy flakes fall all around. You can park at a nearby lot and stroll down one side of the street and back up the other side to take it all in. It really is something to see. I ought to try to take a picture this year.

Okay, enough of my blathering. I'm going to go on with my day. And hope that AF doesn't show up. Please Lord, let this be the one.


Dramalish said...

In Sacramento, where I grew, up our Taffy Lane was called "Candy Cane Lane" and some of my most favorite childhood memories about Christmas are all about the Christmas Eve drives we would make around that neighborhood.
Good luck, Gil. I hope you get your wish.

Anonymous said...

Good for you for holding off testing...such strength..surely you will be rewarded with a big, juicy BFP!!! Thinking good thoughts for you!

ms. c said...

The kids sound precious!
Even as a Jew I find driving down streets with awesome lights awe inspiring. It's so beautiful (and really have nothing to do with religion, so it's all ok!)
Hoping so much for you that AF doesn't show, and the triphasic chart is giving you a sign. Keep us posted!

Vee said...

My brother has oneof those homes ! It seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year, he is addicted once you start you can't

Fingerscrossed AF stays away !

OHN said...

When I was a kid it was a ritual to make "the drive" to see all the lights..people went crazy with decorations. Now it seems like little window candles are all I see..I miss the ooooo and ahhhhh of the old days ;)

ALso, have my fingers crossed for you :)

Anonymous said...

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