Friday, December 08, 2006

Worry Abounds

I have a bad feeling about today...

Something tells me that I'm not going to make it as far as Monday. *sigh* And that will suck. Royally. I really, really, really just want to make it to Monday. At least.

I guess I too am "wearing worry like a backpack," much like Gaelen. (Don't worry Gaelen, you coined the phrase. I'm just borrowing it for a bit.) Nope, we don't get to escape it. There's always something to worry about. Worry about whether the follies will grow. Worry about whether they'll be mature enough. Worry about whether there's eggs in the follies. Worry about whether you'll ovulate. Worry about when you ovulated. Worry about whether the timing was right. Worry about the quality of the sample. Worry about whether the sperm can actually penetrate the egg. Worry about injection dosage. Worry about medication. Worry about the 2ww. Worry about getting AF. Worry about not getting AF and what to do with a BFP after you've mastered the IF world? Good heavens. So much worry. We're fraught with it.

I'm human too; and today I worry that this cycle might be a bust. Dear Lord, I pray daily for this to be the one. But I never know if it'll ever be my turn.

**Edited to add**
Just a note, it's freakin' COLD here this morning. The temp was -16 at 6 a.m. with a windchill of... get this... -25!!!! Brr!!! *pulls out the long johns*

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Flicka said...

Hi Gil! Just poppoing over from vacantuterus to wish you good luck and tell you that of COURSE you can link my little poem. Good luck, good luck, good luck!