Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Some optimism?

I've been keeping an eye on my temps. And, thank goodness, so has Fertility Friend (FF)... the software I use to track cycle information.

This morning, after I entered my temp, I scrolled a bit to read the analysis that FF spat out at me. "Possibly triphasic on day 20." Well now, that is good! Never, in all the months, nay, years of charting, have I ever seen a triphasic chart that belongs to me. So that is really good to hear.

I know it doesn't necessarily MEAN anything. But it gives me some optimism. And while I'm running around frenetically (much as I was in my last post too), in the back of my mind that little word sticks out, "triphasic." And I continue to hope.

CD22 and counting. Hugs to my fellow bloggers!


Lisa said...

so exciting! When I got a triphasic chart a few weeks ago, I tested and got a BFP. Are you testing?

Gil said...

Hi Lisa! No... so far I've resisted the evil POAS habit. I'm afraid to yet. Here in Canada, there are no $1 tests, so it would be rather expensive to do that anyway. No, I'm just holding out until next Monday. If I get that far, I'll be pretty sure of the test result. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I get there.

gaelen said...

oh! that is exciting news! I'm keeping my fingers crossed too!

Vee said...

That is great news !
Don't POAS they are evil ! LOL
Getting close now.

Shop Girl said...

Yep, I only POAS'd once on my cycle that I was pregnant. But I think I'm done with that business, because it messes with my head too much and can add up from an expense perspective. Hope the triphasic pattern yields positive results. In the meantime, watch some shows, eat some junk food, and it'll be time before you know it!