Wednesday, March 28, 2007

CD3 Results

I got a call yesterday with the results of my bloodwork from CD3 (March 6).

LH = 1.4 (apparently less than 7 is very good)
FSH = 4.8 (apparently less than 6 is excellent)
Estradiol = 232 (or 63.2 for you Americans; within normal but above 75 is VERY high)

If your LH is greater than your FSH it could be an indicator of PCOS. So these numbers seem to indicate no PCOS, at least to me.

Edited to add...
I found the following information on a website from a Chicago clinic:

"A blood estradiol level on day 3 (we do it on any day between days 2 and 4) of the menstrual cycle is a way to potentially discover some of those women with a normal day 3 FSH that may in fact have decreased egg quantity and quality. What we would like to see on day three is a low FSH level in conjunction with a low estradiol level. If the FSH is normal but the estradiol level is elevated, the elevated estradiol may be artificially suppressing the FSH level in to the normal range.

The idea of using day 3 estradiol levels as an adjunct in evaluating egg quantity and quality is relatively new. Clearly defined cutoff values for normal and abnormal are not well defined and are also lab-dependent. I like to see the day 3 estradiol less than about 80. In our experience, levels of 80-100 are borderline, and over 100 is abnormal. We like to repeat any borderline results in another cycle.

There is not much data that suggests that an elevated day 3 estradiol is a problem in itself. The problem is more so that it is potentially "masking" the detection of the poor ovarian reserve by suppressing an FSH level that would otherwise be elevated."

Knowing that in US terms, the E2 level is 63.2, that would seem "normal" to me. But am I wrong? Argh.


Any informed people care to weigh in on this one?

CD23 results to follow sometime next week. The trick is to get my CD23 results and analysis before CD3 arrives. Otherwise I will have to wait another month to cycle because until I know what the bloodwork says, I'm not spending another cent on cycle meds and donor samples as there may be underlying factors that need to be dealt with first.


Aurelia said...

Gil, I think your E2 is suppressing your FSH, and the number isn't really the number, if you know what I mean? (FSH can be much higher and still be okay, but most clinics like it below 11-15ish, with an E2 below 100, in my experience)

It could be a temporary blip due to thyroid, or something, or it could be POF like I have. Which is fine, you can still get good eggs, but your clinic may be pessismistic. Don't let them upset you. Ask for more opinions.

And yes, unfortunately this may mean more blood tests...ackkk.

Aurelia said...

I don't know how your clinic measures...mine may be using a different assay (type of test method) than mine.

The ones in T.O. here seem to measure E2 at yes about 80-100, but every lab has their own set of methods and you need find out what your own Doc thinks. My guys may do it the American way, and yours another, and the only way to find out is call the RE's office and ask what they think.

Based on my own body and the dozens of cycles I've done, high E2 does suppress FSH in me. But sometimes a lot and sometimes a little. You may have had a cyst that day, which always messes my numbers up in my body. If your E2 dropped next month, it might just mean your FSH is really 6-8, which is still good.

Just call them and ask, and don't let anyone diagnose you on the basis on one set of blood tests. It might be a screw up at the lab? Or I could be totally wrong and out in left field....

Jason and Samantha said...
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Jason and Samantha said...

Sorry I accidently deleted my last comment. I'm not sure what those numbers mean, I would discuss it with your doctor if your concerned.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

ack! i have nooo idea what the numbers mean other than that's one sexy ass fsh level and i hope that it is naturally so and not being suppressed by any krappy E2 or whatever...

wishing for quick results on your CD23 bloods and only good things from here on in!

have a great weekend!

Ciao Baby said...

Gil, Thanks for your offer over on my blog, very generous of you!!! Our clinic is on Vancouver Island though. I published your comment and now I can't figure out how to remove your e-mail address that you put in it so random people don't get it. Do you know how I can edit your comment after it has been published?

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