Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Thar She Blows!

Good God. I feel like a beached whale. Seriously. I kid you not. Now fine, fine, those of you who know me in person know I really LOOK like a beached whale, but still! It's bigger than both of us my friend. My belly feels like it's about to explode. I hate that feeling, but I'm secretly hoping it means I have a few good follicles in there. I won't know until my appointment on Thursday morning, so until then, I have to suffer. Ugh. I woke this morning after an extra long, four day weekend and my first thought was, "Do I really have to put on any clothes to go to work? And squash my bloated belly into pants?" But yes indeed, I did just that. Just because I'm uncomfortable and feeling like an elephant doesn't mean I get to sit home all day. Although it's sorely tempting. Believe me. The thought HAD crossed my mind.

So my appointment is on Thursday morning for a viewing with the dildo cam. We'll see if this month we'll be able to do a dIUI or wait til next month. I have a bit of a dilemma though. I have my appointment with the RE on Thursday (which could be shifted to Friday or even Saturday for a dIUI if we determine that it is worthwhile and the follies need to grow) but then on Monday afternoon, I have an appointment for my yearly PAP test. Now, to my way of thinking, while I adore the ob/gyn who will do the PAP, and I trust him implicitly -- he is the one who did my laparoscopy last April -- I really don't want him or ANYONE near my cervix that close after an IUI. I'd be so afraid of risking any possible chances we have. So I'm debating rescheduling that PAP test. I guess I'll sit tight til after any possible dIUI though and chat with my RE about the feasibility of doing a PAP test within a few days of having an IUI.

I'm just worrying about any little thing I guess. I'm a hypersensitive mess right now and I know that any dIUI and progesterone will intensify that later this week. Calgon, take me away!!!

Sending love to...
Vee and Max over at The Sweet Life. Cause she got lucky with a FET and I'm SO happy for them both!


Vee said...

Oh Thanks so much Gil ! It really is hard to believe.

I wanted to have a pap before my last natural FET and my FS said I should wait until the cycle was over or at if I fell pregnant wait till I got to 12 weeks.

Good luck for Thursday I hope those embies are behaving.

My Reality said...

My RE does my pap's for me. Maybe yours could too?

Aurelia said...

I like Reality's idea, otherwise reschedule. It probably wouldn't even be accurate because the IUI procedure would screw up the cell culture. Your RE could do it perfectly right there before the IUI so why not?

Jason and Samantha said...

Good Luck!! (hugs)