Thursday, April 12, 2007

Get in there guys! Go go go!

Well, for all that bloating and discomfort, you would have thought I had a dozen follicles in there! Nooooo! Not so. There were only a few viable ones. But they are on the right side and my RE made the comment that it is my right side that is the dominant one. He said with measurements like he saw this morning on my follies, he didn't want to waste a good opportunity.

He advised that yes, I have a dIUI this morning. I wasn't expecting that because I got a negative on an OPK yesterday, but like he said, the measurements and details on the ultrasound are much more precise than an OPK. And if the eggs are mature, then the HCG triggers ovulation anyway.

So here are the stats for you junkies.
-Left: bunch of little follicles, nothing useful
-Right: 2.07 cm, 1.97 cm, 1.30 cm
-Endometrium: 7.5 mm, a little thin, but he expects that to catch up in a couple of days
-HCG trigger adminstered (damn, I HATE shots, and that always itches and hurts for 1-2 days afterwards)
-half of a donor vial used: the other half tomorrow morning at a 7:15 appointment
-200 mg prometrium: for 16 days; a little longer than usual seeing as this is CD12

My RE did comment, yet again, that my bladder was full. I DELIBERATELY didn't have anything to drink since about 8 p.m. last night. I told my RE that this morning, I'd poured myself a glass of milk but then remembered my appointment. So instead of drinking it (although I REALLY wanted it) I said to hubby, "Yeah, yeah, I know I poured it but I can't have it. You drink it instead." When hubby asked why, my response was, "I can't because the doc will say my bladder is full!" My RE laughed when I recounted that. And he said that regardless, my bladder was full. So he had me go to empty it before he did the IUI. Apparently it's easier to get that catheter in place while the bladder is empty.

I had some cramping after the dIUI. That doesn't usually happen but once in awhile, it's awfully uncomfortable. Today is one of those days I guess. Now if those follies can pop in the next 24 hours I will be blessed! Because of scheduling and transportation and the like, I came home to lie down a little and wait til I go pick up hubby at 11:30 a.m. so he can drop me at work for the afternoon.

A confession though. While I was lying on that table, waiting for him to prepare the sample, and after the dIUI was done, so many thoughts ran through my head. Thoughts of Max and Vee and their good results. Thoughts of Mel and the supportive work she does with, for example, Emblopedia. Thoughts of Bea and the Film Festival. Thoughts of Angie and Joe and their delight. Thoughts of Thalya and her natural BFP after so many years of ART. Thoughts of My Reality and the sadness and frustration she's dealing with. Thoughts of Eric and how he is letting his children tell their story. Thoughts of Dramalish and her cherub. Thoughts of Katd and her successful adoption after so much heartache. So many of you, your names, your faces, your stories, ran through my head in those moments.

And then thoughts of my husband, and how I wished fervently that he could have been at my side, holding my hand while the RE slid in that catheter. Thoughts of how I badly want to pass on my Newfoundland heritage and family traditions. Thoughts of a future. I dared to dream for a split second. I stabbed back the tears, knowing I had to be functional and drive myself home. Oh how I want this. God please. WE want this. Please. Please God please. I don't know how much more I have in me. I really don't.


To answer your questions, yes my RE could do my PAP test. He offered to do that when I mentioned to him about having the appointment with the ob/gyn next Monday. However, the thing is, if I don't see the ob/gyn within one year of my last appointment, I lose him as a doctor. And he's good. Really good. So I don't want to lose him. I'll just reschedule the appointment. I'd hate to have to search for another ob/gyn, with the doctor shortages we have in Ontario. Not my idea of fun. Do you know it took me eight years to find a GP? I kid you not. It's insane. So I'm not willing to risk losing my ob/gyn now that I have one!


LJ said...

That's so funny that your RE had you empty your bladder. For me, I apparently have a ute that is around a 90 degree angle. The only way the RE can get the catheter in is if I have a VERY full bladder pressing down on it to bring it down flat.

Good luck with this cycle - IUI definitely can work!

Pam said...

Yeah! I'm crossing my fingers for you. :)

Jason and Samantha said...

Go spermies GO!!!!!! I hope this is your month!! (hugs)

Vee said...

It's amazing how many thoughts can run through your head in such a short time.

I have everything crossed that this is your turn Gil.

Good luck !

Angie said...

I am wishing and hoping for you this cycle! Thank you for you comments on our blog!

Susan said...

I'm hoping this time works for you.

Aurelia said...

I hope this works, crossing my fingers...XX, and hey interesting about the Doc. I've had trouble finding good ones, but 8 years? Yeesh!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you much luck with this cycle!