Monday, April 16, 2007

An Update

I think it's time for me to update. Well, at least to update the header of this blog. As of April 15, my husband is no longer 38, but now 39! The last kick at his 30s and *gulp* a mere month or so before my 37th birthday. Holy heavens, when did I get so old!? How is it I still feel 16 inside and yet here I am with a house, a career and all these adult responsibilities? Bleh.

Anyway, yes, hubby hit the 39-year mark yesterday. We took his kids out for dinner on Saturday to celebrate the occasion. My husband is the consumate technology geek/guru and for his birthday he'd wanted an HP Ipaq. I rolled my eyes at yet another gadget coming into the house. Seriously. Think about it: this is a man who has set up a live feed webcam to the guinea pig cage in our house so we can check on the piggies during the day from work! Frankly, I think he has far too much time on his hands already.

But yes, a new gadget, a dinner out (which usually I adore but this time did NOT agree with me at all!) and some alone time to celebrate. Nothing fancy, however, just the way he likes it.

Symptom watch for dIUI #2 is in high gear at the moment. "Ha ha, Come on Gil," I hear you say. Yup. You're absolutely right; it's far too early. Such silliness. But hubby is being vigilant. My dreams last night must have been rather traumatic; hubby woke me at 3 a.m. because I'd been crying in my sleep. Weird. Just very weird. I've no idea what I was dreaming about but obviously it was enough to make me emotional. And this morning, hubby walked out of the bathroom after putting on his "normal" amount of cologne (one of my favorites by the way). I got one whiff of it and I turned up my nose and said, "Did you BATHE in the stuff or what?" He replied, "I didn't put on any more than usual. You must be pregnant." Funny man. I just about clocked him...


Vee said...

Happy Birthday to Hubby. The time certainly flies bye when you don't want it too. And lingers when you have to wait for something.

The "signs" are good at this stage.

My Reality said...

I hope you hubby is right!

sariel & shlomit said...

I'm with Reality, let's hope hubby is right....Sariel always makes those kind of cracks, too!

I like that you're hopeful enough to be having eps!

Happy belated to your husband!