Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Hot Off the Presses: The Follie Report

I've been so swamped with things at home I've been neglecting updating here. Shame on me. Tsk tsk. I went to the RE last week on CD8 with the expectation that I would be starting Pure.gon sub-cue injections. Not so fast Gil... the measurements of the follicles on a mere CD8 threw a monkey wrench into THOSE plans. Here are the details.

Friday, CD8
Endometrium = 5.3 (rather thin, but it was only CD8)
Follies = two dominant ones, 1.5 and 1.7; two smaller ones visible at about 1.3 each

Because of the size of the follicles today, I was sent home with no Pure.gon. I was told I was a "good responder" this month to the Serophene (aka Clomid). I replied, "That's a good thing, no?"

Monday, CD11
I saw a huge temp spike this morning and all weekend I saw lotiony/watery CM.
Endometrium = 9.3 (very good according to the RE)
Follies = one dominant one left, 2.42; some free fluid visible

He thinks I may have ovulated with one of those dominant ones, but was wondering about the second dominant follie that was still present. So he gave the trigger shot, and used half the donor sample, and prescribed 200mg progesterone (ugh... I hate that stuff) for 14 days, starting tonight.

Tuesday, CD12
Endometrium = 8.9 (variations in measurement due to angle; over 8.0 is optimum he said)
Follies = none visible, lots of free fluid and corpus luteum visible

Knowing that the second dominant follicle did release, he used the second half of the donor sample.

And as usual, now the wait begins. I have a lot to keep me busy at the moment though. I leave Friday for a week-long conference and visit with a friend as well as my sister. Then I get back and I have a boatload of work to accomplish before my folks visit near the end of the month. Add to that the renovation work hubby and I are just finishing with the flooring in the second spare room and I've got more than enough on my plate!

But yanno, if this month came with a BFP, it would be the best thing to add to all the other things I'm doing. Not to mention that it'd make a sweet birthday gift for me. Fingers crossed. Here we go!

Sending love to...
Sara over at Of Course You'll Get Pregnant! She got a BFP the other day, the same day that she got a new house. Talk about special days in your life! Congratulations Sara; I'm keeping my fingers crossed that your beta numbers stay that good!


thirdtimelucky said...

fingers crossed.

ultimatejourney said...

It sounds like you have a lot to keep you distracted during the wait. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Pam said...

Yeah! Fingers are crossed Gil. Oh, and we might be out your way on the long weekend. Will drop you an email if we are.

Jason and Samantha said...

"everything crossed"