Friday, May 11, 2007

Keeping Busy

I head out this afternoon for that conference in Minneapolis. I can only hope that I have everything; if not, it's too late now!!

In getting things together to go, I popped by T's house last night to pick up a catalogue that I wanted to take with me on my trip. T is a girlfriend who is undergoing DIUI as well, to be a single mom by choice. I admire her courage and her strength. We chatted awhile and she told me about her ex-boyfriend who was (in her words) a total loser. I have to be honest, there's no disputing her opinion. She's a strong, beautiful woman and that guy was a bit of a dweeb. Yes, they may have spoken about marriage and children together, but honestly, I think she's better off without one like that. Hang in there T; I have faith for us both.

It's CD15 today, otherwise known as 4DPO. I hate the 2ww, with a passion. Thank heavens I have so many distractions this time around. I can't wait to hook up with my sister. I am really looking forward to meeting and spending some time with my guildmate/friend as well. Not to mention the conference itself and then some work we have to do around the house before my folks visit towards the end of the month. Whew!

In other news, GO SENS GO! The hometown team is in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Buffalo Sabres, and the Sens stole the show last night with a 5-2 win. I predict the Stanley Cup will come down to the Sens and the Red Wings. This'll be good hockey! Guaranteed!

Before I forget, a message to Pam and Dtrini: Hubby and I will be home during the long weekend so if you come through the area, by all means, let's get together for a chat over coffee, if nothing else. We can meet you somewhere convenient or you can certainly pop by our place. Write to me at my e-mail address in my profile and we'll hook up. That would be superb!

Speaking of hooking up, Serenity is doing a marvelous job of putting together the IF Bloggers' Gathering later this summer. If all goes well, hubby and I will be heading to Boston sometime in August for a few days. THAT would be so wonderful, to see so much support and love in one place and to be able to give it as well. Kudos to you Serenity. You're doing a wonderful thing.

And to those of you who have found the rainbow that I still seek, I wish you all a Happy Mother's Day. May it be a joyous occasion. Of course, I cannot celebrate it as a mother, but guess I can as a stepmother... I suppose. Sort of. In a way. *heaves a sigh* My mom isn't close for Mother's Day either, so the best I can do is call her. I already sent her a card and I have an idea for a little gift when she arrives for that visit later this month. But for now, wishes are all I have. Wishes, hopes and dreams.

Cheers everyone. I'll post an update from Minneapolis... assuming there is something worth updating!

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Anonymous said...

hey gil!
are you still out of town?! thinking about you during the loooonnnnggggg wait!