Monday, June 18, 2007


This week is Mel's week for Commentathon. My goal for the week is to make 50 comments on other people's blogs. I'll be updating this post as required, but for today, I made 14 comments plus one RETURN comment (2 points) for a total of 16 today.

Goal: 50
16 (M)
14 (T)
11 (W)
0 (TH)
0 (F)
0 (SA)
18 (return) (SUN)
59 (Total)

I won't post anything else about IF today. Suffice it to say, my temps have dropped significantly and as I said in my last post, we're off the rails this month. I'm out.


katd said...

I love commentathon. And I've never commented here, so I feel good about today:)
Thanks for the comment on my blog; I'm excited to catch up with yours!

decemberbaby said...

Bummer for dropped temps. They suck. Sorry.

Whee, comments! This is number one for me... have a great comment-filled week!

Heather said...

I still have to hold out hope for you...I just do.

Dramalish said...

Hi Gil,
You're inspiring me to up my comments...

I've always wanted to ask you; why does your RE do the 1/2 sample insemination thing? What happens with the other half of the sample between IUI's? Have you ever considered doing two full samples? (I know, expense is an issue and was for us. I did one cycle where we tried two IUI's instead of one, and when we came up with a BFN, I said to myself: well that doesn't work!)

Or maybe just one well-timed IUI? I've read a lot of studies that show success rates with one IUI are just as good as with two.

Anyway, please excuse all the assvice- I know it wasn't asked for, but I was just curious about them.

I hope your temps are deceiving you. I know how hard the DIUI process is... I hope you are blessed soon.

Kate said...

I just saw your comment over at The Lushary. I'm really sorry to hear about your temps.

Nearlydawn said...

So sorry about the temps - I know you must be really sad right now.

Glad to see you are doing the Commentathon - me too! I hadn't thought of posting my total on my own blog though! Good idea! :)

Cece said...

Stupid AF!

Aurelia said...

I'm sorry about the temps dropping Gil. My question? Why doesn't your RE do beta HCGs a little earlier, like 13 or 14 dpo, or keep you on the progesterone longer?

It's just that for me, I can't sustain a pregnancy without progesterone for at least the entire first trimester. I could have a perfectly healthy pg cooking away, but if I stop taking progesterone...I'll be negative. Not even a chance.

It might be worth asking the question?

Vee said...

I'm holding onto hope too.

This commentathon is fun finding all these new blogs, so this is a return for me ;)

All the best Gil

The Town Criers said...

Sweetie, I'm so sorry. But you are anything but a loser. You are a kind, thoughtful, wonderful person who has introduced me to the coolest pancake tradition in the world.

What are you going to ask your RE on the off month?

Sending a big hug to you. And as much free invisible alcohol as you can consume.