Thursday, June 07, 2007

How many DPO is it again?

So... ho hum... it's Thursday. What's new? Nada. Nada de nada in fact.

Correction, the only thing that is new is the fact that I am positively SWAMPED at work. In about one month, I'm due to take over as Acting Manager in our section and I've already entered the fray with various staffing actions that need to be completed during my time in the position. Can you say "Red Tape" boys and girls? I knew you could!

I'm really worried about my mom's health. I wish I could find someone who could help her. There are two issues going on, both of which have been diagnosed however, surgeons are not willing to treat the first without ensuring that the second can also be treated. So far, no luck on that front; and with every passing day I hear how it is affecting her. With Mom and Dad's recent visit (along with two aunts), I saw firsthand how things have changed, even since Christmas when I saw them all in Florida. It tears me up to watch her go through this. I wish I could be there to help; I hate being so far away. Since the day before they left, I have shed buckets of tears. For her. For me. For the situation. I think I need to research neurosurgeons and neurologists in Canada to see what else can be done or where else she can go. It certainly can't hurt.

I'm handling the 2ww... barely. I don't hold much hope anymore; I just don't expect us to get lucky at all in this quest now. That may be the progesterone talking of course. It's one of those days; my hubby would say, "I know someone who needs milk and cookies and a nap." I think I'd agree with him.


Shop Girl said...

Keep your chin up - if it's any consolation, the progesterone made me bitchy, weepy, hopeless, etc. It could still happpen!

ultimatejourney said...

I'm swamped at work too. I hope it at least provides a little distraction from the 2ww.

Vee said...

I hope that your mum is ok. I know how horrible it is seeing a sick parent and feeling so helpless.

All the best.

Aurelia said...


I know a little bit about neurologists etc. here in Canada, or at least here in T.O. Email me, I'm not sure I can help, but, maybe?