Monday, June 04, 2007

*insert hysterical laughter here*

Hands in the air! We're off! The jerk of the coaster jolts you forward as you begin to free fall. There's a lump in your throat. You feel the heart palpitations that send thrills down your back and raise goosebumps on your arms. If you are like me, you begin to laugh hysterically! (Yes yes, I laugh my a$$ off when riding a coaster, out of fear, thrills and fun!) And as the coaster begins to drop, you feel the wind hit your face, the sun shining on your skin. It's a good day. Scary, but good nonetheless and you live in the moment.

That's a pretty good analogy for this cycle. Cause my free fall brought me something very different this time around. This is the first time in all these years (going on four years of TTC) that I have had three, count em THREE, follicles release during a cycle. I often see two, but three? Not before today. Maybe the Clo.mid and Pure.gon are doing something after all!

At today's appointment,
Endometrium: 9.8 (nice and thick)
Right: tons of free fluid and a corpus luteum still visible; all three follicles gone
Left: little 'uns that are useless this month
dIUI done with the remaining half of the sample
Proges.terone: continue with (200 mg) per day at bedtime (orally, see previous post) for 13 more days.

My fingers are STILL crossed. But I gotta keep laughing.

BTW, before I sign off, GO SENS GO! (The Ottawa Senators, my hometown team made the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I'm stoked about THAT! Game 4 of the best of 7 goes tonight. WHOO HOO!)


ms. c said...

Wishing you so much luck, Gil!!!
I'm taking my promaetrium orally too (and was told pretty much the saem thing by my nurse). Maybe it's a Canadian thing??!!
Hoping the next 13 days past quickly!!

ultimatejourney said...

Here's to one (or more!) fertilizing and sticking around!

Anonymous said...

Hoping for you Gil.