Sunday, June 03, 2007


Aaaaand... we're at the top! As you look out across the twisted steel track of the coaster, you have the reaction that I once had atop a coaster, "Holy sh*t, are we on THAT ride?" *eyes wide with fear* You wonder if you've made the right decision by opting for this ride. You wonder if you're going to actually WALK off at the end. You wonder if maybe there's been some mistake and you're supposed to be on the kiddie coaster instead. But no. This is the real deal. And the coaster is in motion and there's nothing you can do to stop it.

At today's appointment, the following:
Right: three mature follicles -- 1.89, 1.99, 1.87
Left: bunch of little ones, still (blah)
HCG trigger given
Half of one donor sample used (I really felt that going in this morning!)
Meds: 200 mg prome.trium prescribed (oral, not vaginal; I asked about this and he says there is no study that says that taking progesterone in vaginal suppositories is any more effective. The absorption rate is equivalent, and there is much less mess when you take them orally rather than vaginally! Obviously! Hearing about the ickiness, hubby was inclined to have me continue taking them orally too!)

I go back again Monday morning to see if I have ovulated and to use the other half of the donor sample.

Here is where I insert many silent prayers, hopes, dreams and wishes. I won't object if you would like to do that too.

Love to you all. Fingers crossed!


Vee said...

Fingers crossed !

Pam said...

Good luck. I'm thinking good thought. :)

Anonymous said...

Looking good! Crossing everything for you.

ultimatejourney said...

I'm sending you all my best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Everything's crossed!!!!
And that reminds me, I'm gonna check with my RE abt the progesterone...I hate the suppositories so much I'd almost rather do the PIO...almost!