Friday, June 01, 2007

Still Climbing!

This is where you JUST begin to tightly grip that crossbar across your lap. It's the moment of a huge smile and the anticipation of excitement. It's the climb to the top of the coaster. You're on your way and it's thrilling! Here's the progress of my coaster for today, CD10.

Left side: nothing to speak of; a bunch of little follies but they will likely not mature in time
Right side: THREE really good follies! 1.45 cm, 1.34 cm, 1.15 cm
Endometrium: 7.34 mm
Pure.gon: continue with 50 IUs Saturday

Next check on the coaster: 7:45 a.m. Sunday morning (CD12). And yes, the new donor samples I ordered have arrived at the RE's office. All looks good. Please God, the coaster will stay on the tracks!


Pam said...

Looking good Gil. Fingers are crossed and hoping everything goes as planned. :)

OHN said...

Personally I hate roller coasters but if you get a baby when you get off then you truly can exclaim,,,what a ride!!!!!

Got my fingers crossed for the peak and a great ride to the finish:)

ultimatejourney said...

Go, roller coaster! Best of luck with everyhing! Love, E