Wednesday, June 27, 2007


For the past two days, I've given myself my Pure.gon injections. Imagine that, me, up drugs with a freakin' NEEDLE? Yeah, um... never ever thought I'd see that.

I stopped at the RE's office on Monday afternoon to pay for the prescriptions and to run the replacement vial of Pure.gon from the Pharmacy (on the first floor) up to the RE's office (on the third floor), seeing as I was there and had a minute to do that for them.

In the RE's office, I spoke with his assistant; she was preparing to write our referrals for IVF. She said, "Do you want only a referral for Montreal or one for Ottawa as well?" I didn't even know they would do that but I replied, "You know, I wouldn't say no to having both if that's possible." She said, "Yes, of course. I'll do those for you later today." So the good news is, we get referrals to both places. Which one we go with... that all depends. Cost dictates Montreal (with three tries at IVF for under 10K in a 'package deal' as cumulatively, three attempts are about all they would try and if we were to get a BFP, it would likely occur in three tries), yet location dictates Ottawa as, obviously, that is where we live. We'll see. We don't have to make any choices yet, but we do need to get the ball rolling.

Now, to save a few more pennies for all this.

Sending love to...

Dawn over at Nearlydawn... Nearlypregnant... Nearlyoutofsteam, because she had to have one of her furbabies, Cocoa, put down. Cocoa and his littermate Humphries have been family members for her for a long time and I grieve with her, having gone that route before and I know I will have to again for my cats, who are also littermates. God Bless Cocoa. Now you can rest.

And to celebration for Vee (and Max) over at The Sweet Life. Vee's lil' Crumpet gave her a positive beta and while I know she may be hesitant, having gone down this road before with Bubble, I continue to have faith and hope for her. Go over there and give her some good wishes too!


Vee said...

Thanks so much Gil :)

Well done on shooting up, I never did it myself Max did all of mine.

Having choices is great ! I am so hoping this is it though and you wont have to make any choices.

ultimatejourney said...

Great job with the needles! I hope you end up saving those pennies for a different kind of expense :)

Nearlydawn said...

Thank you for being so sweet. It means a lot.

Anonymous said...

I don't think any clinics in Ontario have 'package' deals, at least none in the GTA do.

Aurelia said...

Yeah, I don't think they do have package deals here, but on the odd chance the govt. OKs IVF w/icsi it's good to keep something open.