Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eight follicles. Wow, not bad.

The statistics today (for those who are checking, and for my own reference)

Left: 3 follicles (1.1 to 1.5 cm)
Right: 5 follicles (0.9 to 1.3 cm)
Endometrium: 8.8 mm

Next appointment is on Saturday morning (CD 13) at 8:00. This try is our very last before we move to IVF.

And, my RE also gave me the package that hubby and I need to work on for McGill in MTL. Funny... they want a semen analysis; that's what got us into this in the first place. Hubby had a vasectomy and the reversal failed. Semen analysis? Yeah, um, *eyeroll* try none? I understand that they need to do their own workup, but this is sorta like kicking me when I'm down, yanno? *sighs*

There's a bunch of bloodwork in there that we have to undergo as well (including thyroid antibodies Aurelia!), HIV tests, hormone levels, etc. And we're told that we will need to book an appointment to attend a 1.5 hour class on IVF and the protocol. I've never done IVF before, but something tells me that I know more about it than the average Joe or Jane.

If this is what we have to do, so be it.


Neeroc said...

Best wishes - fingers are super crossed.

Just curious - have you considered the local clinic? Or is it too long of a wait? Ignore me if I'm too nosy, I was just wondering about the added issue of travel.

Neeroc said...

Sigh, never mind, I just read your previous post. Hopefully you won't need it anyways!

ultimatejourney said...

Wow, very exciting! Sorry about the repeat SA...nothing like a little salt in the wound. Blech. Here's hoping one of those 8 gives you what you need.

Pam said...

Good luck with this cycle. Fingers are crossed, chick. :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the 8 follies.

Vee said...

WOW ! 8 follicles ! Do they still do IUI with 8 ? Most clinics in OZ wouldn't let you with 3 maximum.

I hope at least one or maybe two behave for you.
I have everything crossed for you.

Aurelia said...

The SA may surprise you. Some improve over time. (Ok, not all do, but maybe?)

And yes, it's important to get ALL those tests done before ANY fertility treatment. I'm glad, cause really, maybe it's all normal, but what if it's something easy to fix?

In the meantime the follies look good. XX

CAM said...

Yea 8!! Thats a good number to work with. There is a lot more testing and bloodwork for the ivf. If you have any questions let me know - I am on my 4th round.
So happy for you and your lovely follies!

Anonymous said...

Follies and lining sound GREAT!!!
Here's hoping you don't have to go the iVF route...but if you do, i'll be curious to hear about your McGill experience...i'm reluctant to leave my doc here in the big smoke, but the price at mcgill is certainly great and i've got a place to stay there if i need to...
anywhoo..hopefully YOU will fall pregnant before that!

Angie said...

WOW- 8 follies? That's great! Wishing and hoping for you!