Saturday, June 30, 2007

Mature Follicles Coming Through!

This morning's wanding revealed NINE follicles.

Okay, okay, nothing to get excited about though. Only three of them have made it to 1.8cm or larger (i.e., mature follicles). And all three of those suckers are on my left side. There's a fourth one on the left side that's a bit smaller (1.67) and on the right, five of em that are partying, although the party is dying out. They're not going to live up to the task, unfortunately. But three ain't bad. The endometrium is over 1 cm and that's fantastic.

So, with that, I got my HCG injection this morning (ouch!) and I go back tomorrow to use the ENTIRE vial. That's right. No splitting it this month. One time and one time only. This is the last kick at the can and I'm not willing to risk losing any of that sample in the thaw, refreeze, thaw process. So we go tomorrow to use the whole shebang.

We're getting to that IVF package as well. Hubby made his appointment for the semen analysis and I'll wait til next month to get that bloodwork done when I have no meds in my system. I expect a 2-3 month wait before we can get an appointment, so no rush I guess.

And after a few weeks of some stress, hubby and I had a shouting match... err... long discussion last night about a few things. Turns out he was really worried about our future because he thought that at the end of all of this, if we aren't successful, he was afraid that I would leave him. My heart broke. When he said those words, I must have looked so shocked. I had no idea that he was even contemplating that possibility or internalizing that. Because frankly, it never even entered my mind. This is my husband, the wonderful man that I fell in love with seven years ago, and when I said, "I do," I damn well meant I DO. I am NOT going anywhere; he's stuck with me now whether he likes it or not. :)


ultimatejourney said...

Three is great! Good luck tomorrow.

The marital stress doesn't sound like much fun, but if it brought hubby's concerns to the surface then perhaps it was worthwhile. That must've been quite a load for him to bear.

CAM said...

My husband has said similar things. His comment was that he was afraid if it never works that I wouldn't be happy with it just being the two of us. Its a tough thing for them because they have no control over it. Glad you got it out there though...

Baby Blues said...

I've got three too! Three is good.

We're so alike Gil. When I said "I do" it meant forever too. That's how it should be. :-)

Vee said...

3 is great ! All the best Gil I am hoping this one will be different for you.

Good Luck !

Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well with the IUI tomorrow.

I hope your hubby is feeling a little better about things.

Aurelia said...

It is tough on a marriage dealing with this crap. I meant "I do" as well, but I have to admit, somedays, when hubby and I disagree on whether to try again or how to proceed, and I know we aren't even reading the same book, much less reading the same page, agggghhhhhhh, I wonder.

Still here and plugging away, but wondering how hard it gets and when it gets easier.

Crossing my fingers for you...

Angie said...

Waiting to hear about the IUI, and hope your doing okay. Husbands are silly, aren't they?

Mr Blue Sky said...

I completly understand how your man feels. The whole process opens deep wounds and can cause heartache that has never been experienced.
I don't do advice generally but...give him a big hug and encourage him to talk about it, if not to you then somebody else. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, I wish I'd spoken about my feelings sooner.
Sending you both positive thoughts and love

Anonymous said...

Whoo HooO!!!! This sounds great...if this is your last kick at the IUI can, then you're going out with the best possible KICK!!!!

Ugh. The stress. Glad you were able to get that out so that you could reassure your darling hubby....sorry it's all so hard. Yuck.

Hoping the wait speeds by and ends up with the happiest of news...


Dramalish said...

Never stop letting him know you feel that way, Gil. They need to be reminded- even when they say they know. This diagnosis is extremely hard for a guy and they need to be secure that their wives love them unconditionally.

The new plan sounds FABU! Crossing my fingers extra *crossly* this month. ;)