Wednesday, July 04, 2007

DIUI #5; The Last IUI for Awhile

A very quick update for you folks; I'm sort of absent this week as I have two friends here from the States for a holiday and we're playing tourist & tour guide.

I had my appointment on Sunday morning for the insemination. Awaking at 5 to take my temp, I couldn't go back to sleep easily and around 5:30 a sharp JAB in my abdomen. Ouch, what the heck was that?

So by 8 a.m. we're at the doc's office and he's wanding me (yet again!) and he sees oodles of free fluid, in the "classic" triangular shape so he figured I had ovulated very recently. I told him of the pain at 5:30 and he said that that was probably ovulation pain.

With so much free fluid, he was laughing trying to see well enough on the monitor; apparently all that fluid had pushed my uterus aside and getting a good look was more difficult than usual. But the result was, all three follicles were gone on the left side and the right ones were kinda hanging out as they had been before.

He did the IUI and as I said, we opted to use the whole vial. He gave me a prescription for 200 mg of progesterone daily (for 14 days) AND he gave me a requisition for a beta on 11/12 DPO (which will be next Tuesday or Wednesday).

Now we just hope. And lots of it.

Hubby's also made the appointment for the semen analysis; though I fail to see why we would bother with a vasectomy and failed reversal in the history. Oh well. We'll just get it over with and move on.

I guess that is the theme for this month anyway... get it over with and move on to something that will give us hope.


Baby Blues said...

Sometimes that's the only thing to do... "get it over with and move on." And just hope. I'm hoping for you Gil.

Enjoy being the tour guide. That would keep your mind off the wait. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for popping in...I'm hoping right along with you!!

ultimatejourney said...

Wishing you all the best this cycle. I'm hoping for you.

Katie said...


OHN said...

I am sending along good thoughts and positive vibes :)