Monday, July 09, 2007

Chugging along, but great news for others!

My 100th post on this blog, and with it, many things to celebrate.

Much love to those wonderful people who have seen BFPs in the last week or so. Go peek at Dawn's details, Vee's very wonderful news, Still Trying's spectacular beta results (after their first try at dIUI!!!), and Kate's knocked-up info. That's FOUR of you ladies who have great news this month! Congratulations to everyone. Now, care to shoot some of that my way? Pretty please??

As for me... I'm on CD22 and 8 DPO and scheduled for a beta on CD23/24. I don't have any hope; I have absolutely NO symptoms other than a temp that continues to rise like I've never seen before. I suppose lots can happen between now and this weekend but I think we've seen all the BFPs that we're gonna see for now. I'll go for the test anyway though, however, I know darn well that by CD27 it'll be CD1 again.

And hubby dropped off a sample for another sperm analysis, but we aren't holding our breath there either. A vasectomy and a failed reversal virtually guarantees that no sperm will be present.

Life goes on...


ultimatejourney said...

That's an awfully pretty chart you've got there. I'm still hoping things work out for you this time. We can definitely make room for one more BFP!

Anonymous said...

Hope that rising temp means something!