Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hospital Gown #1 Finished!

Here's the finished product. I'll be taking this with me to Montréal tomorrow 'just in case' someone decides they need some sort of peek at anything. In this business, you just never know huh?
Anyway, here's the material I used for this one.

And a peek at the final product, fastened in the back first. (I made sure to show you my bruises too... five days past blood draw. Pretty colours huh?)

And again, fastened in the front this time. Long enough to cover me so I don't get cold or blush with shame!

This material is for the next one. I'll get to that in a week or so. Wish me luck!

Canadian get-together

As for the Canucks' get-together, how does the first weekend in May strike folks? I believe it's the 3-4. We'd hook up on the 3rd likely...


Patti said...

I can't really do the first weekend in May, but Pam and I were talking last night and thought it might be kind of ironically funny if we all got together on Mother's Day weekend.

What do you think?

A bunch of infertiles hanging out together on the Saturday of the Mother's Day weekend!

Does anyone have plans that will take them out of reach that weekend?

PS Your gown is awesome!

Pam said...

Yeah, the 3rd won't work for us. We're actually double booked right now and need to disappoint someone. ;)

I'm good for the Mother's Day weekend. The next weekend is the long weekend which likely isn't good for people. We were supposed to be away (it's V's 40th) but it looks like we may be in town after all.

Helen said...

I love the gowns. You'll be so glad you have them, I had gowns from outside the hospital and am so happy I did - you feel human in them!

Pam said...

Okay I'm going to be a party pooper for the 10th too. Our previously thought double booking is actually booked on the 3rd and in Montreal for the 10th. So our only free time may possibly be our long weekend...our time gets booked up really fast. Sorry guys.

Anonymous said...

hey girl!
love the gown...specially the one where it looks like you have a halo!
3rd works for me and the long weekend is even better...i may actually be in eastern(ish) ontario the mom's day w/e (i'll let you know the deets via email, gil)...
if a certain day works for everyone but me pls feel free to go ahead...i have a tendency to bail (based on my feelings about infertility at that moment!!) having said that, i'm hopeful we'll all be able to connect and that i WON'T BAIL!!