Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Errr... NOT!

I won't say it. I know we're all thinking it. But I will not say how positively sick of snow I am right now. I will refrain from telling you that we've had more than 340 cms of snow this winter (that's over 130 inches for you folks south of the 49th parallel). I won't bother to bore you with the fact that this is the second snowiest winter on record, so far. I won't tell you that one of the city's 10 snow dumping sites is full. Nor will I complain that my back is killing me, my muscles ache, and I've ruined the skin on my hands from shovelling. Nope. I promise. I won't tell you any of that.

I will tell you this: my hubby is gone on a business trip and when we got dumped on yet again today with about 15 inches of snow, and that I started to shovel it all myself. I did some this morning before leaving the house (for about 45 minutes) and after work, I found even more to do. I set about handling it. But eventually I gave up in frustration. I stood in my 50 ft. driveway, hoping for help and that was when I heard the whirrring noise of my neighbor's snowblower.

I went over there and pleaded my case with Mary (a friend of mine and Marc's wife), and I was ever so grateful to Marc for agreeing to help me out. Of course, I wasn't going to sit on my laurels and wait for Marc do all the work. However, I believe he thought I was nuts when he came over with the snowblower and saw that I had the driveway 1/3 done. God love him for helping me out. I need to find a way to thank him for his kindness and generosity. Marc, thank you for today. I am so grateful.

Now then, I do have a question though. How many women who are TTC are out there in a snowstorm shovelling a 50 ft. driveway at all?

Hugs, kisses and the best of wishes to...
In the meantime, there's been a lot of good news in the IF blogging world.

A heads up too: I expect I'll be changing the colours on this blog soon. For a couple of reasons that have come to my attention (*waves to T in Montréal!), I'm going to switch to more neutral colours and maybe a different layout. So don't be shocked if you see something different next time you drop by.

Happy 67th Birthday Dad! I know you are looking forward to a vacation in the sun; use the American cash I sent you for a GREAT meal out while you're there!


Patti said...

Well, I don't know about anyone else that is TTC, but I was out yesterday shovelling the driveway, too. Mine's not 50 ft., but it's long enough and wide enough to be a lot of work. I did it once at 7 a.m. and then again at 11 a.m.

You work for the gov't, right? To whom do I send my complaint about the weather? LOL!

Aurelia said...

I seriously hate this weather and you at least live in a town where they have snow equipment and a budget. If THEY are having trouble then the universe has ended as we know it.

Shite....take care, maybe you can send your friend a nice bottle of wine? That's we did for the guy who shovelled our drive.

Kate said...

Thank you! :) I think our weather must the the opposite here in Texas! Good luck with all of the snow.

Heather said...

We never get snow here in Arkansas and Tuesday we got about 14inches. It is snowing again now and they say it will be between 8-14 inches again. BigP shoveled some snow on Tuesday to help out some stuck cars and he is in horrible shape. He really messed his back up. We just aren't used to using those muscles.

Thanks for the shout out!

Angie said...

Oh my, I'm with you-- please let spring arrive soon!